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Thursday, October 11, 2012

(VIDEO) Mitt Romney Town Hall in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Here is a video of a campaign rally held yesterday in Mount Vernon, Ohio by Mitt Romney.

Ariel Corporation was recognized as an American success story as Mitt Romney tested the Town Hall meeting format in Mount Vernon. Surrounded by several hundred Ariel employees, the former Massachusetts governor used his latest appearance in battleground Ohio to hammer home the five-point plan he says will re-energize the nation’s economy.

“People are bombarded with information, some of which is not true, but the good news is that you can find the media outlets you think are the most credible,” Romney said. “In the debates, the President and I get an opportunity to break through all of that and address the American people directly. I believe in the American people, and with your help and the help of Ohio we are going to win this election.”

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