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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Report: Whitley Products Closes Doors

**January 30, 2013** Five days after I posted this story, WLOS-TV has a story on this closing.

Tipped off by comments on Facebook, I'm reporting that it looks like Whitley Products has ceased operations and closed the doors at it's three remaining plants.

A phone call to Whitley’s in Plymouth resulted in a quick conversation with Plant Manager, Rick Green in which he read the following statement:

“Please be advised that Whitley Products, Inc.’s senior lending has again refused to provide the necessary funding to enable Whitley to continue its operations. As a consequence, and with great regret, we must inform you that Whitley Products, Inc. has terminated operations, effective today. For our employees, this means that their employment is terminated, effective immediately.
Possession and control of all Whitley’s operating assets is now held by Keltic Financial Partners II, Lp.”

Source: WTCA-AM Radio

The Whitley Products, Inc website has (as of 6.22pm) not been updated with any indication of the shutdown.

This would put 108 employees in Franklin out of work.

I worked for Whitley Products in the 1990's and management was always telling us that the company was ever so close to being shut down because it wasn't very profitable.