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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Democrat Rally

Correction: Democratic Rally
Hat Tip: Screwy Hoolie in the comments section.

I attended the Shuler/Edwards Rally in Hendersonville yesterday, and took some pix and shot a video of the speeches. Here is the money shot:

I will post more as I have time available, and am looking for a way to get the audio put somewhere on the net so you can listen to them.

Update: Screwy Hoolie has an excellent post and pictures of the event, plus links to more coverage and video. I feel like a 3rd world blogger, Just not enough technology to keep up!

Yet Another Update: My Navigator's photos of the event.

And Yet Another Update:
The Audio of the speeches.


Thanks for the shoutout, TP.

By the way... It's Democratic Party Rally or Democrats Rally. The grammatically incorrect shortening of Democratic Party to Democrat Party is a rhetorical barb used by the Rove crowd.

I stand corrected. I did some quick checks online and even checked some reference books here at home.
My father was a precinct chair when I was growing up, and I always heard him refer to the party as the Democrat Party.
Thank You for bringing that to my attention.