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Sunday, December 27, 2009

"The most redeeming feature of capitalism is failure" -Kevin Duffy

Graphic courtesy Free Speech Stickers

From an interview in Barron's:

Barron’s: You’ve said that perhaps the most redeeming feature of capitalism is failure. Please explain.

Duffy: Any healthy system needs a way to correct error and remove waste. Nature has extinction, the economy has loss, bankruptcy, liquidation. Interfering in this process lengthens feedback loops. Error and waste are allowed to accumulate, and you ultimately get a massive collapse.

Capitalism is primarily attacked by two groups: utopians who wish to impose a more “compassionate” system, and political capitalists who want to enjoy the fruits of success without bearing the pain of failure. They use the coercion of the state to gain privileges, at the expense of everyone else.


Barrons: What about the argument that a financial panic would have ensued and crushed the little guy?

Duffy: The little guy actually has been crushed. Nobody is asking where this money is coming from. And the money has to essentially flow into the political economy at the expense of the real economy. The little guy is always going to be the last one in the soup line. So he will get a bone tossed to him, like cash for clunkers. But if you are Goldman Sachs or if you have got essentially the red bat-phone to Washington, D.C., you are first in line.

Source: Barron's
Hat Tip: Chicago Boyz


It is my opinion that some people know EXACTLY what they are doing. Their goal is to collapse our system, to make it so undesirable that we will take their offer of an alternate system as the answer to ease our suffering. If you want to know more, read about Revolutionary Defeatism or the Cloward-Piven Strategy...which are both essentially the same thing. The first article gives you more detail on the background and psychological motivators of the socialists seeking to destroy Western Civilization.