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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Twitter and the Iranian Democracy Uprising

The above video is only a preview of the full program, which is
viewable at The whole program is very informative, and well worth your time to watch.

I've not macro-blogged here regarding the attempt to bring a llittle more liberty to Iran in favor of micro-blogging about it on Twitter and running VPN's for the Iranian students so that they might have access to the Internet to Tweet and upload photos and videos.

I think my only post covers the important points, and I'll swipe a bit from it here:

I think that this can qualify as an opportunity to help the oppressed people of Iran by mounting 5GW-type campaigns to help them out by showing them that we are aware of their struggle.

Other things you can do to help these tweeters out is to change your time zone in your twitter settings to +3.30 GMT (the time zone of Iran) and to change your location to Tehran to give the Iranian Security Forces more Twitter Accounts to go through while they try to track down legitimate Tweeters from Iran. (Hat Tip to Paul Van Heden on Facebook)

RT (ReTweet) as many of the items you see posted with #iranelections #Tehran and other trending hashtags...also with an eye toward giving them too many targets to choose from.

Boing Boing has a
Cyber War Guide that is an excellent resource.


All this can accomplish little unless it is paralleled by support from the President of the United States of America. Our current President has waffled, dithered and given Aid & Comfort to the Mad Mullahs and the Secret Police as they go about, culling the most effective voices for liberty in this generation of Iranians. He has stained our flag with the blood of those seeking freedom.

President Obama should look to President Reagan as a model of how to handle this situation. Reagan provided much needed Aid & Comfort to the Solidarity Movement in Poland.

At least we have Twitter so that we can document the attempt and provide what little encouragement from the sidelines as we are able.

This will be the turning point historians will identify when a nuclear device (manufactured in Iran) is detonated somewhere in the world as a missed opportunity to avoid disaster. The blood of those people will also stain our flag...courtesy of a waffling President Obama...who is afraid of doing the tough thing, to stand for those who cannot stand on their own.