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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Waynesville Republican Sam Edwards will challenge Ray Rapp for NC House District 118

Waynesville Republican Sam Edwards announced he would take on Rep. Ray Rapp, a Mars Hill Democrat.

Edwards's announcement paints him as a man of Main Street, declaring: "Mayberry needs to increase and Raleigh needs to decrease."

"Although Raleigh has its uses," he explains further, "'Mayberry' is where the people really live, and work, and have to suffer the consequences of expensive and irresponsible government policies.”

Edwards said he is a pastor, educator, writer and political conservative. He calls for reducing taxes, government spending, unnecessary regulations, unfunded mandates on county governments, state interference in local school board decisions, and barriers to third-party candidacies.

Capital Letters blog in the Asheville Citizen-Times

I look forward to seeing how the 9-12 Project in Haywood County will step up to the plate and help Edwards win this state level race. I'm hoping that their enthusiasm for politics at the national level can be translated into action on the state and local scene...