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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Macon County Commissioners
October 26, 2011

**10-27 at 1.15pm** Here is the full video of the October 26, 2011 meeting of the Macon County Commissioners:

**10.05pm** Here is the audio from this meeting

Download MP3

Hat Tip to Scarlet for noticing I had the wrong date on my title card.

The Macon County Commissioners will be reconvening a recessed meeting tonight at 6pm. The agenda and twitter widget are below. I will be there recording video and audio and will post them to this article as soon as I am able. 

Also, the meeting agendas will now be available online to the general public, click here to see them.

Macon County Board of Commissioners
Recessed Meeting
October 25, 2011 -- 6 p.m.
Commission Boardroom

1.  Reconvene and call to order -- Chairman McClellan

2.  Budget revisions -- Finance Director

3.  Discussion regarding construction standards

4.  Macon K-4 water and sewer change order request from McCarroll Construction -- Terry Bell

5.  Consideration of lease agreements -- County Attorney

6.  Closed Session -- Per General Statute 143-318.11(3), to preserve the attorney-client privilege

7. Adjourn

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