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Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Sylva Videos

On Saturday, October 15, 2011, I traveled over eastward over the mountain to Sylva, NC to cover the Occupy Sylva protest that was held in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protest in the financial district in New York City. I disagree with virtually every thing these people stand for and hearing them speak was like hearing people from a Bizarro Universe. Surely these people had not been raised to believe in the same things I had, nor read the same US Constitution that I had. I thought about taking my copy of the US Constitution out of my pocket and asking some of them to show me where there beliefs were supported in that document, but that was not why I was there. I was there simply to get these people on the record and to show what transpired at the Fountain in Sylva, NC on October, 15, 2011, so that is what I did and here are the videos I took (plus one from someone else who was an ally of the groups participating who was also there), presented without further interpretation by me:

Full video of the portion of the event where the speechifying took place.

A portion of the event where Representative Phil Haire spoke (I previously posted it, along with a commentary Saturday night). He is the elected representative of the 119th NC House District.

This is video of Occupy Sylva shot by a local person who has a website and a Blog talk Radio Show.

And here are some very short videos I shot before the protest began of participants giving the reasons why they were there:

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