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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

r3VOLution Update: Ron Paul Punks His Idiot Supporters

I have to begin this post with a great and hearty horse-laugh...Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (gulps for air) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

From Yahoo:

WASHINGTON - Libertarian-leaning congressman Ron Paul is urging voters to reject John McCain and Barack Obama and support one of the third-party candidates for president.

Paul, a Republican who abandoned his White House bid earlier this year, is gathering some of the candidates, independent Ralph Nader among them, on Wednesday to make his plea.

"The strongest message can be sent by rejecting the two party system," Paul said in prepared remarks obtained by The Associated Press. "This can be accomplished by voting for one of the non-establishment, principled candidates."

He recommended Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, former Georgia Republican Rep. Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party, former Georgia Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party and possibly others. He invited them to his news conference Wednesday.

Source: Yahoo! News


I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have written, blogged, and emailed about how big an error Ron Paul made in thinking he could take on the GOP, which first came to my attention via a post on a local lefty libertarian blog that started with this statement:

Some philosophical libertarians, myself included, have proposed a hostile takeover of the National Republican Party based on the proposition that current neocon leaders have squandered the franchise and Presidential candidate Ron Paul is the only hope to restore its significance in the American political arena.

I immediately realized that the attempt should be opposed on all levels, and sounded the alarm to the point where I got some face time with the RNC Chairman, and communicated my concerns to him in an effort to utterly destroy this movement's chances in the GOP. These people are not conservative, and do not belong in our party...most especially if they have a hostile takeover as their objective. To say that this attempt has ended my appreciation of the libertarian movement is an understatement.

A portion of my initial response to the article and appearance on a local radio show took this form...

The current presidential campaign of Texas congressman Ron Paul has attracted insane 9/11 Truthers, and a ready Brigade of online hooligans who are ready to serve their Master by gaming the results of online polls. Locally, there is even a Merry Band of those who hope to forge victory with a "Hippie-Conservative" Coalition to take over the Buncombe County GOP. (It's okay...I'll wait until you stop laughing.)

Carl Milsted, the father of this laughable attempt, apparently has no clue as to what conservatism is, and is clueless, if he is serious, on how to takeover a local party full of people diametrically opposed to his core beliefs.

What Mr. Milsted does not realize is that, when threatened, Conservatives do not appease, or run away. We fight. We educate others on how to fight. We multiply, and become stronger than I welcome this juvenile effort of the clueless.

I would like to note that the website referred to has been shut down for several indication of the foolishness of the ill-fated quest. Even then, I thought their quest laughable.

Here is why the r3VOLutionaries failed to take over the Republican Party:

  1. The GOP boasts tens of millions of members who have political philosophies that are diametrically opposed to the "Hippie Lifestyle" of supporting the multi-billion dollar Drug Trade that has ruined millions of lives, and killed hundreds of thousands...and the "r3VOLUtionaries" consisted of at best a million or so insane mental juveniles who were best at name-calling, gaming Internet polls, spewing filth on You Tube, and hanging their mother's bedsheets on overpasses.
  2. In order to take over the GOP...Ron Paul would be condemning his supporters to fight a war on two fronts against two numerically superior forces, not a move that has any hope of success...especially in an intramural political war that his idiot supporters have not the stomach to engage in, even if they lack the vision and intelligence to recognize what that entails.
  3. The whole Neocon thing. By their definition...over half the GOP fit that label very well. I know I do. The GOP is a heavily fortified position...and these yahoos think they can storm it with little aforethought and signs made from bedsheets...something the Klan found out doesn't work to well as far as image making.
Why on earth did not Ron Paul run on the Libertarian Party ticket...I will never be able to comprehend. The r3VOLutionaries could have taken over that party with ease...even (I suspect) be welcomed with open arms!

What they fail to comprehend is that anyone can run for President. What makes a candidate viable is a ground game that consists of people who are organized at the local, regional and state levels for getting the message out to the voters...and getting the vote out on Election Day. You cannot do that without a large number of organized volunteers willing to work unrecognized and unrewarded hours for their party's slate of candidates.

Now, with less than 60 days left...there is zero hope that anything can be done about it.

If Ron Paul, or his Idiot Supporters, were really serious about about electing libertarian-minded candidates...they would register as Libertarians and build that party up to where that party would be offering a solid slate of candidates from local dog catcher to City Council to District Judges to State House to Congress and to the White House.

I predict that they will not. You know why? Because they lack the willpower to invest in Victory. They would rather complain than roll up their sleeves and offer a viable alternative to what they think is wrong with the political system.

I would be pleasantly surprised if they proved me wrong and built a real party from disaffected Republicans and Unaffiliated in North Carolina...let alone in the rest of the nation.

Current Voter Registration in North Carolina:

5,937,297 Total
2,690,610 Democratic Party
1,942,232 Republican Party
1,303,207 Unaffiliated
0,000,948 Libertarian Party


Ron Paul?

ABC World News Tonight confirms our website prophecy brought down the Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign.

Albert Howard is the first African American to receive a New Hampshire Primary Recount.

TP, I understand your point about the whole "truther" mess; those people make me both enraged and sad at the same time.

Besides the attempt to subvert the GOP, could you briefly outline your opposition to Mr. Paul? If this isn't the place, my email is

Mountain Shout:

I live for debate!

My opposition to Congressman Ron Paul...

#1) His opoosition to our participation in World War IV in general, and the war in Iraq.

It is imperative that we fight the Islamists and put an end to The Third Great Jihad, and Iraq has been a crushing defeat for them.

#2) His insistence that we return to the Gold standard.

If we returned to the Gold Standard it would artifically limit the growth of the Free Market.

#3) The 9/11 Twoofers. He should have in no uncertain terms disabused them that he thought they were insane. If he does believe that 9/11 was an inside job...etc, then that man should be no where near the White House.

My personal opinion is that he ran for personal gain, like most of the rest of the primary field.