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Friday, October 23, 2009

Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party (The NY-23 Edition)

When Congressman John McHugh resigned as the Representative from NY-23 to become Secretary of the Army for the Obama Administration, a curious chain of events was set into motion that has led to an exposure of one of the things has been so wrong about the Republican Party for so long...

The Establishment, Eisenhower, or Country Club type of Republicans have always courted the conservative vote when it comes time to running for office, but ignore conservatives once in office.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are perfect examples of this phenomena.

This race will be an early indicator as to whether or not the recent Tea Party Movement has developed enough of a following to make a dent in Congressional Districts that aren't already safe districts for one party or the other.

Source: Conservative Thunder (read the whole thing)


I am looking forward to see what the results of this race will be on Nov 3rd. 

I hope that Doug Hoffman can overcome both candidates.