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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Code Pink Jodie Evans story beaks on Blog Talk Radio and Big Government

Jodie Evans is to the left of Hugo Chavez in this photo

The above player is from the Andrea Shea King Show regarding the investigation into Jodie Evans.

Andrea has an excellent blog called The Radio Patriot.

Why does Jodie Evans merit such face time with the president even though she acts as an agent of influence for the anti-American governments of Iran, Cuba and Venezuela, as well as Middle Eastern terrorists?
Jodie Evans helped rally the Los Angeles progressive community to Obama’s side by co-hosting the first Hollywood fundraiser for Obama in February 2007 along with her partner (and ex-husband) Max Palevsky and the Dreamworks trio of Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen. Jodie Evans went on to be appointed a fund raiser for Obama.
Over the life of the campaign, Jodie Evans became one of Obama’s top donors, giving the maximum $2300 to his respective primary and general election funds and tens of thousands of dollars more to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint Obama-Democratic National Committee fund.
Jodie Evans issued several public endorsements of Obama during the campaign targeting the progressive community.
Jodie Evans and Code Pink hosted a get out the vote training effort for Obama in October 2008.
That Jodie Evans is a respected power-player in the Democratic party is no surprise. She worked for Gov. Jerry Brown and managed his 1992 presidential campaign. However, the mainstream media continually gives Jodie Evans a pass, as was noted in this LA Weekly article from 2003 that chastised the Los Angeles Times for ignoring Jodie Evans’ role as a state Democratic party operative in an article on efforts to stave off the recall of her longtime colleague, Gov. Gray Davis.
What is surprising, or should be, is how upfront she is about her pro-terrorist politics and how accepting Obama and her fellow Democrats are of her. That someone with Jodie Evans’ background operates at the presidential level in American politics is extremely disturbing.
Last year, right before Jodie Evans attended another high dollar event for Obama, she gave a radio interview in which she sympathized with Osama bin Laden about his reasons for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that murdered nearly 3000 Americans and foreign nationals.
Source: Big Government


In my opinion, these investigative efforts are better than the dead-end Obama Birth Certificate craze.

Here is my standard answer (and challenge) to the Obama Birthers:

Even *IF* you could prove that Obama was born outside the USA, there is nothing that would be done about it.

The Supreme Court is very unlikely to act upon it. There just simply aren't enough justices who are willing to cause a Constitutional Crisis.

There are also not enough votes in either the US House or Senate to even get an impeachment rolling.

Those are the stone cold facts.

If people want to investigate something, there are plenty of people in the House of Representatives and the US Senate to investigate. There are also plenty of groups like ACORN, SEIU, Unions, Media Matters, George Soros and hundreds of other people and organizations where your time would be better spent.

And, an even better project would be organizing voters and registering conservative voters at the precinct level. Too many people who call themselves conservatives have never once darkened the door of their local party headquarters to volunteer for canvassing and other party-building activities...nor have they helped raise funds.

That is the tragedy of why people like Obama can get elected.