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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Curious About the Socialist/Communist/Progressive Agenda for America?

One of the pillars of my effort in communicating the danger that Progressives pose to America has been by showing you the degree to which their agenda matches the agenda by avowed Socialist and Communists, which are one and the same when it comes to their desire to destroy American Capitalism and replace it with a command and control economy.

There is a Socialist Conference going on in San Fransisco (no surprise there) next Saturday that can shed some light for us regarding the Socialist Agenda for America. Here is the schedule of speakers:

9:30 to 11:00am - Plenary: Capitalism as Organized Crime

Tamara Khoury, PSL activist, Students Fight Back!
Eugene Puryear,  PSL 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate
Brian Becker,  National Coordinator ANSWER Coalition, member - PSL National Committee
Discussion period

11:10am to 12:40pm - Workshop Session I

Workshop 1: Revolution in Latin America
Gloria La Riva, PSL 2008 Presidential Candidate, Coordinator-National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
Carlos Alvarez, PSL 2010 Candidate for Governor of California
Discussion of the anti-imperialist struggles in Latin America, Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, the role of socialist Cuba and the role of revolutionaries in the U.S.

Workshop 2: Socialism: What it really is, Why we need it
Nathalie Hrizi, PSL 2008 Candidate for Congress
Peta Lindsay, Students Fight Back, Los Angeles
Discussion of the differences between capitalism and socialism, is socialism possible in the U.S., and why only socialism can solve the growing crisis in society.

12:40 to 1:30pm - Lunch
1:30 to 3:00pm - Workshop Session II

Workshop 1: Organizing against racism and bigotry
Cristina Gutierrez, Coordinator - Barrio Unido for Full and Unconditional Amnesty
Stewart Stout, Organizer - Equal Rights Initiative
Peta Lindsay, Students Fight Back
Discussion of the struggle against racist oppression, for LGBT equality and immigrant rights.

Workshop 2: The struggle against U.S. imperialism
Eugene Puryear, PSL National Committee
Sarah Carlson, ANSWER Coalition activist - San Francisco
Carlito Rovira, Puerto Rican community activist and PSL National Committee
Discussion of U.S. imperialist aims and the people’s struggle for liberation.

3:10 to 4:00pm - Closing Plenary: Capitalist Crisis and the Need for Revolutionary Change

Frank Lara, PSL San Francisco organizer
Brian Becker
Peta Lindsay
Discussion period

Source: Party for Socialism and Liberation
Hat Tip: American Power (go read his take on it as well)

What kind of people are those speaking at this event? What have they said in public before? Here is your chance to hear it and read it for yourself. And while you do so, remind yourself at how very close the talking points these people use are to what you hear out of your typical Progressive Democrat. Most of the time, all that separates these Socialists/Communists from Progressives is what they chose to call themselves. Also, consider how closely their talking points about our battle against radical Islam is to what you hear out of the typical Ron Paul for thought, eh?

First, the speakers who are listed as speaking in a plenary entitled: Capitalism as Organized Crime.

Speaker: Tamara Khoury

An article of hers defending Palestinian Terrorist Groups:

Who are the al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades?

All modern states maintain armed bodies for the purpose of both domestic policing and national security, but the Palestinians have long been denied the right to formal statehood. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent acceptance of a Palestinian “state” came with the important condition that it be demilitarized (and thus not a “state” at all).

The Palestinian political-military organizations play a dual role: fighting the Israeli occupation as a basic tenet of self-determination and self-defense and functioning as the state apparatus long denied to the Palestinian people. Even now that Fatah’s current leader and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has steered the party into an alliance with Israel and the United States, the al-Aqsa brigades still exist as a resistance force.

Source: PSL Web Setting the record straight about Abu Aita and the al-Aqsa Brigades

Speaker  Eugene Puryear

Eugene Puryear was the 2008 vice-presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, despite being 22 years old and ineligible for the office. He was born February 28, 1986.

Puryear is an active anti-war and social justice organizer in Washington, D.C. He is a volunteer organizer in the anti-war coalition ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism).
Puryear is an organizer in the movement to Free the Jena 6. Puryear spoke at the 1,500-strong rally for the Jena 6 at Howard University, the first major national protest to bring attention to the case.
Born in Charlottesville, Va., Puryear has been an organizer in the anti-war movement since high school, when he led a walkout of over 800 students. He has chaired and participated in numerous rallies and marches—including the Sept. 24, 2005, anti-war march of 350,000 people, the 2005 counter-inaugural protest, and the Sept. 15, 2007, mass die-in and anti-war protest at the White House.
Puryear has been profiled by the Washington Post, and interviewed by outlets such as WPFW, WOL-AM, WBAI, the Final Call newspaper,, WTOP and the Associated Press. He is a regular contributor to Socialism and Liberation magazine and Liberation, the newspaper of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. He is a member of the National Committee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Here is an article written by Puryear after the election of Barack Obama as our 44th President:

While the capitalists, the mass media and many in the progressive movement hope for a lengthy honeymoon period for President-elect Obama, the deteriorating economic situation on the ground floor of society is likely to lead to an increase in independent political organizing in communities across America, especially in the most oppressed communities, where the pain is being felt the most.

Barack Obama speaking
What does Obama have in store
for the workers who turned to him
hoping for change?

Since the Nov. 4 election of Barack Obama, the question has been raised repeatedly: "How will he govern?" With right-wing elements raising the bogeyman of an "ultra-liberal" agenda, Obama has responded with appointments and rumored appointments that point more towards continuity than change.

The president-elect’s first appointment was Rahm Emmanuel, a former Clinton White House staffer. Emmanuel has been a central strategist of the pro-war and pro-capitalist policies pursued by Democrats in the post-2006 election Congress.
In the face of the spiraling economic crisis, the president-elect faces a unique contradiction. On the one hand, he has been entrusted by the most powerful people in the country with the duty of managing the capitalist state. On the other hand, Obama rose in the political establishment in part by promising the people that he would bring about change. In the past few months, "change" has come to mean—in the minds of workers and many others in the country—relief from the economic crisis.
At the same time the corporations intensify their attacks on working people to hold onto and maximize their profits during the recession, working people will be suffering from unemployment, lower wages, attacks on benefits, lack of health care, education cuts and a broad assault meant to force workers to bear the brunt of the crisis. The ruling class will expect Obama, as president, to lead this assault and at the same time defuse mass resistance to it.

Source: PSL Web: How will President Obama 'rule'?

Speaker: Brian Becker

The video below is from a show called Conversations" with Harold Hudson Channer that is almost an hour long, and is very informative about his history and positions...

Brian Becker is a Marxist to the core, and here are just a few tidbits of his evil ideology of anti-Capitalism and anti-Americanism...

Brian Becker is a Co-Director of Ramsey Clark's International Action Center (IAC) and a steering committee member of International A.N.S.W.E.R.  Both are front groups for the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party (WWP). Through his association with these organizations, Becker has been a prominent figure in the anti-war movement's massive rallies against the war on terror.

Becker is a member of 
the Secretariat of the WWP of the United States, which is a staunch supporter of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. As Chairman of the "U.S. Troops out of Korea Committee," Becker has accused the United States of conducting a campaign of genocide against North Korea.

This article below is in opposition to the liberation of Communist East Europe...

Much more is at stake than the fate of one leader, or even of the Serbian Socialist Party and the Party of the United Left.
The consequences of capitalist counter-revolution are unambiguous. In Russia between 1989 and 1996, the report says, wages fell 48 percent. Income derived from rent, meaning landlords' profits, jumped to 23 percent.
During the days of the Soviet Union, rent was restricted to no more than 5 percent of a worker's wage. The money went into social funds administered by the state. There was no such thing as landlords.
The report goes on: “There are [other] serious human deprivations. Between 1989 and 1996 male life expectancy [in Russia] declined by more than four years, to 60.”
Throughout Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union “the transition from centrally planned to market economies was accompanied by large changes in the distribution of national wealth and income. Data on income inequality indicate that these changes were the fastest ever recorded.”

Next, the speakers who are listed as speaking in a workshop entitled: Revolution in Latin America.

Speaker: Gloria La Riva

Here is a video of her speaking at an anti-American war protest sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition...

Gloria La Riva's political positions are delineated in detail on the 
On The Issues webpage.

She supports:

  • Rational social & economic planning, rather than "market"
Read more about her at Wikipedia.

Speaker: Carlos Alvarez

Another Communist who ran for Mayor of Los Angeles and for Governor of California, and is on record as supporting a minimum wage of $15 an hour, full rights for all illegal immigrants, free abortion on demand and other issues near and dear to the heart of every progressive.

Listen to him speak at a panel during the recent election below...

I'll leave you with this socialist/progressive laundry list from his recent campaign for Governor of California:


Full employment—no layoffs. Create good, high paying jobs for all. Job training for youth & unemployed.

No cutbacks for social services. No layoffs for city workers.

Housing is a right for all—Immediate moratorium on all foreclosures & evictions. Stop gentrification & build affordable housing now.

Free, high quality education from pre-school through college for everyone.

Free, quality healthcare for all California residents.

Raise California's minimum wage to $15/hour.

Stop union-busting, expand the right to organize & card-check recognition.

Stop environmental destruction—Make the polluters pay.

Steep taxes on all big banks, corporations and developers.


Stop racist police brutality and mass incarceration.

Community control over the police.

Full rights for all immigrants.

Repeal all anti-gang injunctions that criminalize young people of color.

Defend women’s reproductive rights. Free abortion on demand for all.

Invalidate Prop. 8. Legalize same-sex marriage & LGBT equality now.

Full equality for disabled people.

Lower the voting age to 16-year-olds.


End the rule of billionaires & militarists—fight for workers democracy.

We need an economy based on people’s needs, not making the rich richer.

Source: Alvarez for Governor

Here is the second workshop, entitled, "What Socialism Really is, and Why we need it"

Speaker: Christina Gutierrez

As you can see from the video above, those who support amnesty for illegal aliens are often in support of the terrorist groups fighting against Israel. She ends her speech above by calling for the end of Israel, and the establishment of one state, Palestine.

I have found no writings by her posted on the Internet, nor even a website that has been established by her website. The activities I have found listed for the group almost always coincide with events where the ANSWER Coalition and the Party for Socialism and Liberation are invloved, so I surmise that her group is just another front for the PSL.

Speaker Stewart Stout

I can find no videos of him speaking, but his facebook page lists him as a fan of Fidel Castro and Frances Villar, both socialists. He is active in the homosexual rights community.

Speaker: Peta Lindsay

Below is a video of the Howard University student at an anti-Israel rally in 2006...

I can find no writings by her on the Internet, beyond her facebook page, which lists the usual socialists as heroes and a support for Palestine.

The next workshop is entitled: " The struggle against U.S. imperialism" and I can imagine this is one workshop that her cousins in the struggle against the USA, the supporters of Ron paul, would feel comfortable attending.

Speaker: Sarah Carlson

I could find no videos of her speaking, just few anti-America and anti-Israel articles written in various newspapers. Here is a typical snippet of one...

In June, the Obama Administration expressed its lukewarm sentiment for the Palestinian struggle when Obama himself addressed America’s relationship with Muslim communities around the world in a carefully crafted speech in Cairo, Egypt. After addressing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama raised the “second major source of tension”—Israel/Palestine.

Boiling the conflict down to two bickering sides, he appealed to the Palestinians to “abandon violence” and described the December/January U.S.-funded massacre of nearly 1,500 people in Gaza as simply “the humanitarian crisis.” He added, “It is a sign of neither courage nor power to shoot rockets at sleeping children, or to blow up old women on a bus.”

Israeli attacks on UN schools, hospitals and homes, as well as Israel's use of illegal weapons including white phosphorus on civilians went unmentioned. Instead, Obama delivered a slim ray of hope through his objections to some settlements in the West Bank: “The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop.”

Source: Tehran Times "the double standard on Palestine"

Speaker: Carlos Rovira

For the many people who have engaged in the struggle for Puerto Rico’s independence, July 25 has a special significance. On that date in 1898, U.S. troops invaded Puerto Rico, beginning a period of U.S. colonial domination on the island that continues to this day. 

The United States invaded Puerto Rico, along with the Philippines, Guam and Cuba, in the setting of the Spanish-American War. That war was the opening of what would be the menacing role and predatory nature of the U.S. capitalist class in the Caribbean, Latin America and the entire world.

The seizure of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam and the Philippines by the United States signaled the quest of the U.S. capitalist class to become a world power. European powers had pursued a policy of colonial acquisitions since the end of the 15th century. 

But only in the late 19th century had the mature and developed capitalist powers virtually colonized the entire planet. The projection of U.S. power outside of the North American mainland signified a rush not to be left behind in this global division of markets.

Imperialism was transforming from a policy into a global system. No capitalist power could stand on the sidelines. Eventually this scramble and competition for colonies led to the first “world war” in human history, from 1914 to 1918, involving all the major capitalist powers. 

V.I. Lenin noted this trend in the very first sentence of his classic 1916 work “Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism.” “During the last 15 to 20 years, especially since the Spanish-American War (1898) and the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902), the economic and also the political literature of the two hemispheres has more and more adopted the term ‘imperialism’ to describe the present era.”

Source: Google Cache of PSL Web "1898 invasion of Puerto Rico & the emergence of U.S. imperialism"

Carlito seems to specialize in race-based agitation for socialism and anti-Americanism.

Speaker: Frank Lara

This guy is another one who hasn't an extant video on You Tube and very little published on the Internet.

Here is an article by him regarding the drought in Mexico and his opposition to a free market solution...

The government has cut water services by 30 percent and imposed large fines for hosing down sidewalks and watering lawns during daytime hours.
The most needy and impoverished citizens are the most heavily impacted by the water emergency. Upper-class areas have much more access to water than those in poorer "barrios." For example, the wealthy who live in the western hills of Chapultepec and Lomas in Mexico City receive 1,000 liters per day while working-class neighborhoods, such as Iztapalapa to the east, receive only 200.
Ruling-class politicians have proposed false "solutions" to the water crisis that generally focus on privatization and reducing subsidies. Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, representing these voices, is pushing for privatization of water services in Mexico City. Such action has already been taken in other Mexico cities like Cancun, Saltillo and Aguascalientes, where the switch has led to a steep rise in the cost of water services. Other politicians have proposed the elimination of water subsidies, raising water prices for all but disproportionately affecting the poor and working-class neighborhoods. They falsely claim that raising prices would encourage water conservation and punish those who waste it.
Privatization and increased fees will only increase the plight of impoverished workers and farmers in Mexico while benefiting the capitalist owners.

Source: PSL Web "Capitalist politicians propose privatization and subsidies instead of real solutions"

The other speakers I have already covered.

I hope that it has become evident to you that Socialists, Progressives and Communists are all working for the same thing, a fundamental reorganization of American Society and an end to Capitalism. Progressives want the same thing as the Socialists and the Communists, but have couched their desires in language and an approach that they hope will get them more votes as they promise us "Hope and Change".