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Friday, September 10, 2010

50 Plus Homes Destroyed in Explosion and Fire in San Bruno

Find out more information about this terrible tragedy at Soccer with Chris, the Huffington Post and (as always, on Twitter, the hashtag for this event is #SanBrunoFire. The scanner audio feed provider of San Mateo public safety channels on Radio Reference has upgraded their feed to a premium status (which means you have to pay to listen), so I won't be giving a link to that feed since I am strongly against vultures making money off a disaster like this...unless 100% of the proceeds were to be going to a relief effort. 

Fire Dispatch has free audio feeds. Click on the Radio menu selection and you'll be presented with a page of frequencies to choose from. Microphones that are highlighted in red are not available for listening. Here are channels that have proven active at the time of this post, (will open in your default media player) Control 2and Command 21. These channels will only be active while Fire Dispatch follows this incident. Links will go dead when they stop.

Here is another video, shot minutes after the explosion:

And this scanner audio indicates that responders initially thought that a plane had gone down in the neighborhood:

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