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Friday, September 24, 2010

Update on 2010 Federal Races in NC

North Carolina Congressional Districts

With less than 40 days to go in the 2010 election cycle, time is getting short to get involved in the race of your choice. 

Here is a handy chart of the Republican candidates running for federal offices in North Carolina this fall, with links to their websites...


Richard BurrU.S. SenateVisit Website

Ashley WoolardU.S. House NC-1Visit Website

Renee EllmersU.S. House NC-2Visit Website

Walter Jones JrU.S. House NC-3Visit Website

William Lawson JrU.S. House NC-4Visit Website

Virginia FoxxU.S. House NC-5Visit Website

John CobleU.S. House NC-6Visit Website

Ilario PantanoU.S. House NC-7Visit Website

Harold JohnsonU.S. House NC-8Visit Website

Suellen MyrickU.S. House NC-9Visit Website

Patrick McHenryU.S. House NC-10Visit Website

Jeff MillerU.S. House NC-11Visit Website

Greg DorityU.S. House NC-12Visit Website

William Randall JrU.S. House NC-13Visit Website

And here is an update on the fundraising race, and without exception, the incumbent leads the money race...regardless of party affiliation. 

Data courtesy of The Center for Responsive Politics.


This will be a very interesting election cycle, especially with control of the House of Representatives expected to pass into Republican hands and the US Senate expected to remain under Democrat control. President Obama will see his legislative plans under fire and the Republicans will be seeking to defund as many of the already passed legislation as they can. graph showing most voters oppose Obama's Health Care Reform

The passage of the Health Care Reform Bill has essentially destroyed the re-election chances of many Democrats this year, and put Obama's Presidency upon the rocks. Many sleeping conservatives and Republicans have been spurred into action, and I'm hoping that we will see dividends of that awakening with the sacking of my Congressman, Heath Shuler, and his replacement with Jeff Miller.

However, none of this has come to pass...unless you cast your ballot on November 2, 2010. 


Important 2010 NC Election Dates and Sample Ballots

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