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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Four Mile Canyon Fire
Videos, Photos, Radio Comms and Links

The Four Mile Canyon Fire as seen from space
Image Courtesy the Earth Observatory

Boulder, CO - The Four Mile Canyon Fire is burning in rugged, steep terrain 5 miles west and northwest of the Boulder City limits. Approximately 7,100 acres have burned. Multiple structures have been lost and many remain threatened. The fire began on September 6, 2010 in Emerson Gulch located in Four Mile Canyon. The fire cause remains under investigation. Communities impacted by this fire include Four Mile Canyon, Sunshine Canyon, Gold Hill, Sugarloaf, Pinebrook Hills, and Boulder Heights. Approximately 3,500 residents are under manditory evacuation.

This time lapse is from You Tube user BoulderOSteens. He has other videos of the fire as well you should check out. 

I've also been doing some listening to the radio traffic of some of the agencies involved in fighting the fire via Radio Reference. Just choose the option to listen that best suits you. 

There is an excellent open collaboration project to map incidents related to the fire on Google Maps, and Weather Underground has a map as well, complete with local weather stations plugged into the map. 

The Boulder Office of Emergency Management has a good website and keep it well-updated with information regarding the fire, and the Boulder County website has a list of homes damaged or destroyed in the fire so far. (169 homes destroyed and 26 damaged as I publish this article).

Citizen Journalists

The Twitter hashtag for the fire is #BoulderFire and is a cornocopia of information on the fire from anyone with a device that can send tweets. Many links to photos and video of the fire can be found there as well. A local blogger has been compiling tweets on her blog.

NC Fire Season

Fire season will be coming to our area in western North Carolina soon. One good place to keep an eye on conditions is the Daily District Readiness Plan page on the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources website. For information on learning how you can mitigate your property's exposure to the danger of wildfires, please visit NC Firewise and check out the info posted there.

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