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Monday, September 13, 2010

Macon County Republicans Gather at 9/11 Memorial Picnic

9-11 Memorial Picnic 
Photo by Bobby Coggins

Macon County Republicans gathered Saturday for a 9/11 Memorial Picnic at the big picnic shelter in the Macon County Veterans Memorial Park in Franklin, NC. There was food, fellowship and memories of that terrible day on 9/11/2001.

Macon County Sheriff Robbie Holland was one of the first speakers, and he shared memories of 9/11 with the crowd. He is running for re-election this year, and here is his campaign website.
#MaconNC #NC11 #NCGA Jim Davis (@JimDavisNC) speaks at the 9/... on Twitpic
There were several speakers at the event, including Jim Davis. He is a Macon County Commissioner who is challenging John Snow for the District 50 seat in the NC Senate, and he spoke a little about his campaign effort:

Visit his campaign website for more information.
#NCGA #MaconNC #NC11 Dodie Allen, candidate for NC House #119... on Twitpic
Dodie Allen, always a crowd pleaser, spoke about her campaign and conservatism. She is challenging Phil Haire for the 119th District seat in the NC House:

#NCGA #MaconNC #NC11 NC Representative Roger West (NC House #... on Twitpic
I was unable to get footage of Roger West, who is running for re-election in the 120th NC House District, because I was in line getting food. As always, he was a man of few words and got to the point of remembering what happened on 9/11/2001.

Dodie Allen (NC House #119 candidate) and Ron Haven (Macon Co... on Twitpic
Several of the candidates had the opportunity to meet with one another and share their experiences on the campaign trail and meet with voters during the picnic. Pictured here are Dodie Allen (L) and Ron Haven (R).

Ron Haven is running for one of the two seats on the Macon County Board of Commissioners in District II. Visit his campaign website to find out more about him.

Kristina Earwood is running for a seat as a 30th District Judge in western North Carolina. Visit her campaign website for information about her.

#MaconNC There were drawings on raffles and door prizes at th... on Twitpic
In addition to some of the speeches above, there were raffles and door prizes awarded and karaoke. There was a highly entertaining group rendition of the song "YMCA". The Gem Country republican Women did an excellent job putting this event together and kept things running smoothly. Gary Dills, chairman of the Macon County Republican Party, was the master of Ceremonies. Visit the Macon GOP website to see what else is coming up during the campaign season.

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