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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Press Release From The Buncombe County Republican Party Regarding Voter Intimidation And Violations of Election Law By Democrats


From The Buncombe County Republican Party

Buncombe County Republican Party Responds to Opposition Intimidation

The Buncombe County Republican Party is receiving calls and reports on voter and volunteer intimidation by representatives of the opposition party. In addition, volunteers associated with the Democratic Party have been filmed conducting campaign activities in direct violation of poll electioneering buffer requirements. In response to these and other actions, the Buncombe Republican Party is filing a formal complaint with the Board of Elections.

Examples of violations include the following—

1. Republican volunteers at the Biltmore Square Early Voting site were told by opposition campaigners they would have to move to a church that was located “across the street” from the mall to greet voters. Our representatives refused.

2. The Vice-Chairman for the Buncombe Democratic Party instructed a Republican site campaigner to move their tent at the Tunnel Road voting site. Our representative was intimidated but refused to comply from the illegal request.

3. A voter was approached in the parking lot of a voting site and asked who he voted for – he was cursed by the individual when he acknowledged his Republican vote.

4. The Republican Party has set-up clearly marked tents at early voting sites – including the North and South Asheville libraries. Opposition party representatives have placed their tables under our tents and created confusion for voters seeking information on Republican candidates. When asked to move, opposition representatives have refused. These actions can be viewed at-

5. A Republican volunteer at the South Buncombe site witnessed an opposition party volunteer physically move one of the 50’ buffer signs.

6. Opposition volunteers have been repeatedly seen removing and/or destroying Republican candidate signs.

7. In another serious violation, leadership of the Buncombe County Democrat Party was filmed electioneering with indifference to the poll distance marker at the downtown Asheville early voting site. Democrat candidates Jane Whilden and Susan Fisher can specifically be seen campaigning beyond the poll distance marker. These actions can be viewed at -

“Most of the BC Republican volunteers at the Early Voting sites are elderly or handicapped,” said Buncombe GOP Chair Chad Nesbitt. “We installed these tents for their comfort and security and to show a strong and welcoming Republican presence for voters. These are not confrontational volunteers, yet they are reporting a pattern of intimidation and misbehavior by representatives of the other party. Though Asheville’s liberal socialist progressive community seems to feel free to do whatever serves their interest, we will stand up to bullying and violations.
We are in the process of passing incident reporting forms to our volunteers and asking them to document any misbehavior by the opposition party or others seeking to intimidate voters or volunteers.
LSP’s under a Democratic Party banner would cry “foul” with a passion were conservative, Tea Party, or independents behaving inappropriately at voting sites and would be correct in doing so. Though liberal dominance of politics and some media in Buncombe County supports double standards, we will nonetheless stand firm and report their activities to appropriate authorities.
Nesbitt said, “Our Republican representatives are under strict instruction to obey all laws and to behave in a professional manner.” “We will not look away from intimidation or desperation tactics used by the opposition to maintain their dominance, but we will not reciprocate. It is our hope that this election will produce a unification of Republicans, conservative Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents intent on reestablishing balance and accountable governance in Buncombe County, our state, and country.
“At no point have poll officials raised concerns with me as Chair or our volunteers regarding our tents or volunteer behaviors,” said Nesbitt. “All complaints seem to be coming from opposition party representatives who are evidently uncomfortable with the Republican Party having a stronger than normal poll presence. It is our pleasure to disappoint them with our success and enthusiasm. We will continue to do our best to give voters the information and support they need to make informed decisions.”
For more information, please contact the BCGOP at 828-253-5800 or
BCGOP Chairman Chad Nesbitt at 828-216-0147 

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