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Monday, October 4, 2010

Republican Candidates Campaign in Franklin, NC

US Senator Richard Burr made a campaign stop in Franklin, NC over the weekend, and was the keynote speaker at an event called the Republican Roundup hosted by the Macon County Republican Party.

Here are a few videos from the event of various people running for election to state and federal offices:

Roger West, seeking re-election the NC House in the 120th District.

Jim Davis, seeking election to the NC Senate in the 50th District.

Dodie Allen, seeking election to the NC House in the 119th District.

Judge Ann Marie Calabria is seeking re-election to the NC Court of Appeals.

Judge Barbara Jackson is seeking election to the NC Supreme Court.

Jeff Miller, seeking election to the US House in the 11th District of North Carolina.

US Senator Richard Burr is seeking re-election to the US Senate from North Carolina.

You can see a portion of the event as webcast live that includes material I haven't included in these videos on a previous post. 

Most of the local Republican candidates were there, and the meeting room was packed with a standing room only crowd. I also saw Kenny West, who ran in the primary earlier this year foe US House. He was there to support his fomrer opponent, Jeff Miller, in his run to replace Congressman Heath Shuler this November. So far, he is the only one of Jeff Miller's former opponents that I have seen actually making an effort to support the winner of the Republican Primary. 

Local Republicans are enthusiastic about this election like none I have seen before. 

A Brief Primer on the 2010 Elections:

US Senator Richard Burr Campaigns in Franklin, NC

Live Broadcast Today at 4pm
Republican Roundup in Franklin, NC
Featuring US Senator Richard Burr and Other Candidates

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