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Thursday, March 25, 2010

11th Congressional District Poll

**7.02pm** Erika Franzi of the Asheville Tea Party and Jane Q Public blog has a screenshot of the poll results at around noon. I'm hoping that she will make that available for public inspection. While we wait on that, Here is a tool that will allow you to explore the geographic voting pattern for this poll. 

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Note that Dan Eichenbaum won every state. In North Carolina, he won with 39% of the vote among the 6 candidates, and he had 100% of the vote in every other state in the Union. Before I left home this morning, I posted the following tweet:

#NC11 Poll Results so far: [K West 36%][J Miller 27%][None 14%][G Newman 14%][D Eichenbaum 9%] #ConsNC
Link to tweet. When Erika produces the screenshot she thoughtfully took around noon [see the first comment in the comment thread for this post if it disappears, I have a screenshot of that for archival purposes], we'll be able to see how things looked a few hours later. It will help me show that the supporters of (at least) two of the campaigns voted multiple times in the poll. The 1st time between 9am and noon, then secondly a push back in favor of one of the other candidates, and another push for the candidate who garnered many votes between 9am and noon. 

I have the IP addresses of the voters who voted more than once, and will be working to tie them to people, if that is possible.

**3.58** 534 of the 927 votes (so far) have been cast among 10 IP addresses. I'm taking screenshots to show how the vote is progressing so you can see how the multiple votes are being cast. 4 11 28 30 33 51 54 79 130 141

**2.54pm** Nearly 100 votes have been cast since I took a screen shot at 2.27pm...

Here is the updated list of IP addresses: Hayesville (BREMC) 141 votes Asheville 125 votes Scottsville, Va 20 votes (Wild Blue Communications) Scottsville, Va 15 votes 14 Englewood, Co (again Wild Blue Comms)

**2.34pm** I've returned from Sylva and have taken a screenshot and Erika Franzi has taken one at noon and I've recorded the IP addresses of the poll participants. Three of them amassing more than 200 votes between them, and several more with more than one vote each. New York City 141 votes (Another IP locator puts this one in Hayesville) Asheville 99 votes Asheville 9 votes Sylva 4 votes

I'm still going through the list, but it seems that most of the multiple votes came from IP addresses in Buncombe County. Strange, huh?

Here is a poll to see where readers of this blog stand on the 11th Congressional District Primary. The poll will close at noon tomorrow, Friday the 26th of March 2010.

For those of you who haven't done their homework, here is a list of the candidates (in alphabetical order) and a link to their webpage so that you can do a little research before you cast your vote: 

Dan Eichenbaum
James Howard
Ed Krause
Jeff Miller 
Greg Newman 
Kenny West 

Heath Shuler 
Aixa Wilson