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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Fever 2010 Blogburst, First Edition

I've experienced a bit of the doldrums lately as I've contracted a severe case of spring fever. I've spent too much time going over my seed collection and garden design plans for the coming growing season. Here are some excerpts and links to what other people have been blogging about to hold you over until I work my way back from the depths of this illness...

The essay notes that the purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize has changed from its origins in the first few years following Alfred Nobel's death, during the first decade of the 20th century. According to Nobel's will, the award was to go to those whose "accomplishments" had most advanced the cause of international peace. But over the life of the recognition -- and especially in recent decades -- the Nobel Prize Committee has sought to honor those showing the greatest promise of future peace. This is the Nobel's "aspirational" mode -- that is, an award for the best of peace to come. Not only is this a corruption of Alfred Nobel's original vision, it is deadly international politics as well. As Krebs shows:
Source: American Power

Public Policy Polling found in January that 49 percent of those surveyed trusted Fox News. In contrast, only 39 percent trusted CNN. Next came NBC, including its sister network MSNBC, with 35 percent. Least trusted were CBS with 32 percent and ABC with 31 percent.

That trust shows up in ratings and profits. While competitors have been laying off employees, Fox has been expanding.
Source: Fox News Still Number One from A Watauga Conservative

“The longest suicide note in history” is not a phrase I came up with. I stole it from some talking head on TV. For the life of me, I cannot remember his name. But, whoever said it was “spot on!”

This week the Democratic Party is scheduled to commit suicide. Their intention to ram ObamaCare, a socialized medicine bill, down the collective throats of a highly P.O.ed America will finish them off for the remainder of 2010 and most likely return them to the wilderness whence they came. For the record, we’d like to say: “Good Riddance!”
Source: The Longest Suicide Note In History! Democrat’s Healthcare Bill A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The only way to legally change or adjust the Constitution is through amendments. Precedent Law and Implied Powers were first utilized by Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists, and later used by John Marshall in order to subvert the Constitution because they did not like the limiting principles of the document. What you are falling for is the same garbage pushed by the Federalists in order to try to turn America's government into a system similar to what we fought against with Britain. The shock troops of the Federalist Party used Hamilton's arguments for a centralized nationalist system as federally appointed judges so that they could rewrite history and the Constitution. That was the beginning of liberal judicial activism. They made sure to get those judges in place under John Adams by appointing hundreds of "midnight judges" to the federal judiciary during the final hours of his administration. With Jefferson coming into office the hope was for the judges to subvert the new administration's strict construction of the Constitution and its limited government policies.

When Jefferson canned the judges, he was accused of waging war on the judiciary, and one of those judges sued. You guessed it, the judge was Marbury. Marbury v. Madison resulted in an opinion being written that was later used as an excuse for the Supreme Court of the United States to claim it was the final arbiter of the Constitution.
Source: Precedent Law and the Constitution from Political Pistachio

Got my census form in the mail today. In a box on the front of the envelope, in big bold letters, is says YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW. Ok, let's see what these bastards want....

There is a page that informs me that my information is "confidential", and will only be used for "statistical" purposes. Right, like the "statistics" that sent Japanese and German immigrants to internment camps during WWII.

Question #1 wants to know how many people live in this house, apartment, or mobile home. I am also advised not to count anyone currently serving in the military, away at college, in a nursing home, or in jail. Fair enough, they can know that, because it's Constitutionally required to set the number of "representatives" in CONgress.

Question #2 wants to know about any additional people not accounted for in question #1. A bit redundant?
Source: Census from Keep It Simple Survival

Update: Also, Michigan Coffee Party linked to MoveOn and DFA here.
The initial photo set was linked out to by Bill Jacobson. Plenty more groups there. I got a tip to follow up on from that.
Let's see - Colorado Coffee Party chapter leader- Niccolo Cassewit, Community organizer Transition Colorado -also home to MoveOn types and efforts to give Barack some good ideas - candidate - Denver City Council, 4% of vote total. Not new to politics our boy Niccolo. Does he connect with anyone not Far Left? No, not really. Krugman fan, bleech!
Source: Denver Coffee Party - 2 Tsp Of Dem Politics And A Dash Of Progressivism, Please from Riehl World View

Possessing a treasure trove of political capital -- and fresh from narrow legislative victories over Republicans in passing a Stimulus program; an Omnibus spending bill; auto company takeovers; housing recovery programs and cap-and-trade -- Democrats decided it was time to target the health care industry.

Their goal -- using accounting gimmickry, outright fabrications and straw villains (doctors who do too many amputations, health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) -- convince the public that a government takeover of the entire health system would result in higher quality and lower costs while insuring between 30 and 50 million more individuals.

The people rebelled. They said hell, no.
Source: Fourteen Months of Hell: A Brief, Illustrated History of the Ill-Fated Democrat Health Care Nationalization Efforts of 2009-10 from Doug Ross @ Journal

Check the video at about 2:45 minutes. We have "Coffee Party" founder Annabel Park claiming that "Democracy isn't supposed to be about two teams fighting ... it is community of people advancing common good."

Well, that's an odd definition of democracy (since, for example, political scientists consider two party competition, er, fighting, as essential to democratic government). But check Ed's additional comments on the hypocrisy.
Source: The Coffee Party War! by Donald Douglas (I had to double-dip a source for this piece)

In light of Israel's rebuilding of the Hurva Shul in the Old City of Jerusalem, Hamas has declared a "day or rage".

- Khatem Abd el-Kader, holder of the Fatah's Jerusalem portfolio, called on Palestinians to “converge on Al-Aksa to save it” from “Israeli attempts to destroy the mosque and replace it with the temple.” (JPost)

- Khader called the renovation of the Hurva a “provocation” and warned Israel that it was “playing with fire.” (JPost)

- Mayor of the Beduin city Rahat, Faiz Abu-Sabihan , expressed his support in the struggle, saying that Jews have no right over the Temple Mount, and that Israel's "provocative actions, which undermine the peace, must be stopped." (JPost)

Starting their rage, masked Palestinians clashed with Israeli police in multiple Jerusalem neighborhoods today, hurling rocks and burning tires.
Source: Day of Rage from The Muqata

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