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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrating the Second Amendment:
Introducing the KRISS Vector CRB/SO™.45 ACP
A Post for Jessica B

I'm dedicating this post to Jessica B (a sometime commenter here) and all those other Lefties who are afraid of people who are practicing their Second Amendment Rights by owning (and using) firearms.

A new submachine has been making the rounds over the past couple of years that uses a .45 ACP round (SQUEE!!!) and is named after an Indonesian sword called the Kris.

My favorite version of the KRISS is the one with the much shorter barrel, as pictured at the top of this post. It is a submachine gun that is available in a .45 ACP version. That's right, kids...why play with mere 9mm or .308 SMGs when a grown up .45 ACP is available? Especially one that doesn't kick like a mule.

The KRISS employs a revolutionary design in submachine gun design, the impact of the recoil is directed downward and counteracts the muzzle climb tendency of the weapon. From the KRISS-TDI website:

All traditional firearms share a common problem; they utilize heavy linear operating mechanisms that deliver recoil forces directly into the operator's shoulder. These forces cause the operator to constantly re-acquire his sight picture due to felt recoil shock and the resulting rotational muzzle climb. Newton's 3rd law; run amok.

In other words, if the point of operating a firearm is to put rounds in a specific location, why is it that traditional firearms, no matter how many tricky buffers, springs and pads are deployed, all work against the operator's goal?

The engineers at KRISS-TDI, starting with a clean computer screen and one goal in mind, have solved this century-old problem by creating the patented KRISS Super V System-the only firearm operating system in the world that actually works with the operator to help put more rounds on target, more of the time.

Here are a few videos that explore this submachine gun and the problems it solves for shooters...

First, an overview from the Discovery Channel:

And here is an overview brought to us by MilSpecMonkey:

Of course, nothing can top the stopping power of an automatic 12 gauge Street Sweeper:

It's great to be an American and to enjoy our God-given right to keep and bear arms!!!