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Monday, March 22, 2010

Response to Health Care Bill Vote:
Henderson County GOP


Heath Shuler owns his share of blame for today's tragic step towards government run health care for 3 very simple reasons:

1) Shuler twice voted to elect Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker, knowing full well what a left wing agenda she was ready to help Obama push on to us.
2) On health care, Shuler has been a complete no-show. He never once took to the House floor to speak out against it - never. Unlike some true conservative Democrats, Shuler was MIA.
3) Shuler waited until the Friday before the vote, after several media outlets reported that Pelosi already had her 216 votes, to finally state a position.
If voters want to stop Pelosi than it time for a Congressman who will boot her from the Speakership and who will fight Obama’s plans while the fight is still raging, not after.

Robert Danos

Chairman, Henderson County GOP



I don't think the Democrats fully realize what they have done. I will be posting over the rest of this election cycle on concrete ways that you can get involved with campaigns that will be seeking to correct this mistake. 

If you live in my Congressional District, there are six men running in a primary. Any one of them will be voting to repeal this legislation, but only if they win election to Congress. This is where you come into play. 

You must do your part. Visit their websites. Donate your time and/or money to the one you like best.

After the primary, you should support the winner with your time and/or money.

Dan Eichenbaum 

Ed Krause

James Howard 

Jeff Miller

Greg Newman

Kenny West