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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Action Club

I should have written about The Action Club earlier, and I am now correcting that mistake since I have today off work.

Here is their Mission Statement:

Mission Statement

To actively work year-round to elect qualified Republican candidates to local and state offices; and

To actively work year-round to effect policy changes which are in keeping with our belief system as it relates to government.

Right now, I believe the big motivator is the illegal alien problem in our country.
They even have a set of tools for us to use to combat this problem and take back our government.

If you are able, join them and/or donate. If you do, I'll be seeing you at the meetings because I think it is important enough to take a couple of hours off work and join them.


Glad to see you're supporting the Action Club. I'm a longtime member. They're doing good work, and I'm delighted they endorse my candidacy for NC House, District 114. I enjoy your moniker, Thunder Pig. It brings all sorts of interesting images to mind.

Regards, Mike

I've linked to your site in the past, at one of my blogs, I can't remember whether it was this or at the state issues blog.
The name does seem to infuriate the halal-minded. It has been a Cb Handle going back to the 70's, I don't even remember how I got it.
Maybe The Action Club can start generating some more conservative or libertarian bloggers in WNC.
It's awfully lonely out here. >=)