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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Presidential Address: The Fallout

An out of focus picture of my XMRadio display as I listened to President Bush speak to the Illegal Alien problem.

The President has tried to seek the fabled Middle Ground in this debate on the problem of people entering this country illegally.

Personally, I thought he sounded very good and the first part sounded okay. He is offering a Reactive Solution, not a Proactive Solution. All we are doing is reacting to the internal Mexican problems. They have enough Natural Resources to make them a First World Nation instead of the Third World Nation they currently are.


These people need to be liberated just as much as any of the other oppressed souls on this planet. I am starting to think that Lou Dobbs and Phyliss Schlafley may be on to something, all I can offer as alternatives to our inaction is power politics by the Democrats, who see Illegal Aliens as the new victim class to replace the former victim class.

The Time To Act Is Now

To all you people who've been sitting on the sidelines, come on in and help save our country! Register to vote with a party, don't dilute your voice and be "Unaffiliated", your holier than thou attitudes are wearing thin, with sufficient numbers we can change the political parties from within.