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Friday, November 13, 2009

Congressman Shuler at WCU
Full Event

Congressman Heath Shuler spoke to Students, Faculty and Staff at Western Carolina University yesterday and I broadcast it live in the Internet. I also recorded it, and here is a YouTube playlist of the event.

I've noticed that Congressman Shuler has been making the rounds, giving interviews to friendly media-types and showing up at events which promise to be overwhelmingly attended by members of his own party...or giving private audiences to groups that have to send representatives to discuss issues with him...and forbidding them to record the event for sharing with the voters. This is an elitist Power-Brokering Maneuver that manages to put one more layer between him and the voters, and gives special access to the Congressman that others do not have.

He has managed to insulate himself quite well from Republicans and conservatives. It is too bad that some right-leaning groups have given him a free pass on that...allowing him to claim that he has met with everyone.