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Monday, January 21, 2008

Patrick McHenry Conference Call

Last week, NC-10 Congressman Patrick McHenry had a media conference call, in which he addressed many issues of significance, including economic stimulus and immigration reform:

McHenry says the stimulus will be rebate of $250 or $300 and similar to one implemented in 2001.
“Anytime we can give people back their money, I’m for it,” McHenry said. “This is a bill I can be for.”
Still, he says the best economic stimulus is to “control (government) spending and make tax cuts permanent. We can right our economic ship if we do that.”
The nation’s current economic woes come from the mortgage crisis and, specifically, the liquidity problem.
“The effects on Wall Street are hurting Main Street,” McHenry said.
McHenry fears Congress will overreach, harming residents who want to refinance their homes.
The congressman recently hosted a home mortgage seminar in Lenoir. Seventy people attended. A surprising fact is about half of residents who undergo foreclosures don’t ask for help.
“We want them to know the options they have,” McHenry said.

Congress also is working on a border security immigration bill. McHenry expects the bill will address “a dire need” for immigration reform. About 100 Republicans and 40 Democrats are signed on to the bill, he said.
Source: Hickory Daily Record

It's good to see conservatism at work in the U.S. Congress.