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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Communists in Training at UNCA Asheville

These students are an example of our despicable public education system in general, and UNCA-Asheville in particular.

It was a very good things these types of students weren't around when I was going through the education system.

It is also probably a good thing this happened in a Gun Free Defenseless Victim Zone...

Here is their blog.


They have been asked to come on TV, lets hear them out TP.


You can listen to them.
The only thing I have for them is a wooden shampoo...
These people are the scum of the earth.

Our veterans are "scum of the earth", TP.

I think you've really gone around the bend. Here's a paragraph from the group's blog:

"In order to voice our opposition, UNCA SDS and IVAW-Asheville chose to set up a counter-recruitment table across from the U.S. Marine Corps table. During this time, we staged a mock raid involving members of SDS and IVAW. Two IVAW members and two SDSers stormed the Student Union and seized three students playing the roles of Iraqi civilians. The “soldiers” were dressed in combat gear and the “civilians” were dressed in traditional Iraqi garb. The “soldiers” shouted commands (with profanity) to the “civilians” to get on the ground, forced them down, interrogated them, zip-tied their hands, placed sacks over their heads, and took them away. IVAW-Asheville president Jason Hurd said, “This scenario is based entirely in reality. It is based on the first-hand experience of Mike Robinson, a fellow IVAW member and participant in this action. I also spoke personally with many Iraqi citizens during my tour who explained that raids like this one occur daily in occupied Iraq.”

To the few folks who will see this comment, go read the group's blog. You may disagree with their political views, but I'm guessing you'll come away thinking that maybe Iraq Veterans Against the War aren't "scum", like Thunder Pig does.

Nice "Media Matters" attempt to twist my words...
I have the utmost respect for our veterans.
I have the utmost contempt for anyone who belongs to IVAW.

The SDS are also in that same category. The 2006 rebirth of the SDS is a de facto communist organization.

Gordon: You have an opportunity to apologize for twisting my words from this comment thread...
(my response to anon)
You can listen to them.
The only thing I have for them is a wooden shampoo...
These people are the scum of the earth.
Here is a copy and paste of my comments on the you tube channel of uncasds.:

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You punks have no clue.
SDS is a Communist Organization.
IVAW are traitors.

Our military is the finest fighting force in the world...and you people deserve to go live in a socialist "utopia", because you'll never be able to kill enough of us create one here.

Your parents should be horse-whipped for not instilling some type of virtue in you.

Those Marines present are to be commended for their superior discipline for not kicking your asses. I wouldn't have had the discipline.
And you can look at my blog, my news site, or will never find me giving a blanket condemnation of our troops, or our veterans. I do give a blanket condemnation of IVAW. I stand proudly by that statement.
The IVAW and SDS are enemies of freedom, and hand maidens to jihad, socialism, and tyranny.

"The IVAW and SDS are enemies of freedom, and hand maidens to jihad, socialism, and tyranny."

Your words disrespecting our troops.

The Iraq Veterans Against the War are, indeed, veterans. Club our veterans and encourage others to do so if you want.

Your words twist themselves, yo. They don't need any help from me.

You support the troops unless they disagree with you, then you want to club their heads. That's absolutely frackin' awful.

I'd club anyone engaged in the type of activity exhibited by the video clip above, no matter their past, present, or current vocation.

You lefties confuse actions with speech. We have the right to free speech. We do not have the right to engage in guerrilla theater.

I stand by the words you quoted. The only veterans I disrespect are the ones who chose to become members of the IVAW.

This isn't the first time lately you've proposed a violent reaction to something. It's becoming a habit. Get some help.

Jessica B:
Nice to see you back.
You call their actions non-violent?
I call them very violent, and I do have a habit of responding to violence with over whelming violence.

The clip I saw did not indicate that the "direct action" was preceded by an announcement.
It may have been, and the event wasn't documented thoroughly enough for the internet spectators to see.

They are nice and safe in their little cradle on the campus of UNCA-Asheville. Let them try that crap in rural America...and someone would run a real chance of getting shot.