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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Texas Communists For Obama and other Essential Morning Reads (updated with video)

This is gonna be fun:

Photo in an Obama Campaign office, with Communist Che Guevera adorning the wall on a Cuban flag, just showing how closely aligned American lefties are with Communism. At least McCain (or his supporters) won't be likely to be lending support to Fidel Castro. I just hope the rumor is true that he has said he would work to free Cuba of Communism. Read more on this at Redstate.

**update** 7.49am I have obtained an embeddable version of the video:

Why all the fuss about Che Guevera? Che Guevera was Fidel Castro's chief executioner and a terrorist. I always find it deliciously ironic that the left...ostensibly against the death penalty, would hold a man who murdered in cold blood as a hero, adorning their clothing, walls, and vehicles. This should tell you all you need to know about progressives...they are harbingers of socialism, and would bring a new generation of murderers and executioners with them.
It is also one of the things that set me against the Ron Paul Revolution, so many Idiot Ron Paul Supporters idolize Che Guevera, as indicated in this T-Shirt design.

For more information on the murderer Che Guevera, read The Real Cuba, a website devoted to exposing the Lies of the Left regarding Cuba, and check out the Che Guevera profile on Discover The Networks.

More people telling the truth about Cuba:

Babalu Blog, who has a team of bloggers focused on Cuba, and Latin America.

Kill Castro: A War Blog. Need I say more?

I'll leave this discussion of this EVIL man with one of his quotes:

"To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary...These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The Wall! (El Paredón)" --Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

We confine our enemies in a luxurious prison in Club Gitmo to await a tribunal, while the Lefty Hero Che just lined up men, women, and children and shot them. Never forget that about lefties...they would do what they accuse everyone else of doing.

Now, on to a real hero, Norman Podhoretz:

Powerline gave an award to Norman Podhoretz for his new book, World War IV, which is drum I've been beating for a while now...that we are engaged in a Fourth World War. Gateway Pundit has the scoop, and links to more scoopy stuff related to the evening.

In Minnesota, of all places, citizens are standing up to their tyrannical government up. Smoking has been barred in restaurants and bars. Unless it is as part of a theatrical production. In at least one location, people take part in the evenings entertainment, and Captain Ed has the program for the performance.

And, speaking of tyrannical government, if either Democrat gets elected to the office of President in November, we are likely to be forced to buy health care...even if we don't want it. The bottom line of this whole exercise is to steal money from the healthy to pay for the insurance, and the votes, of the unhealthy. Those of us who have taken care of our God-given bodies will be forced to pay for other people's laziness, and lack of foresight. Read more at The American Thinker.

And speaking of tyrannical behavior...the lefties at CNN are now joining the lefty boycott of Fox News by dissing one of the guys on their die at Fox - Geraldo Rivera - who has a new book coming out, "His Panic: Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S." - was booked to appear on Nancy Grace's CNN show on Feb. 28. But then he was disinvited and told CNN had "a blanket boycott" against anyone from Fox. " 'The Most Trusted Name in News' just chickened out," Rivera told Page Six. "This reveals a corporate insecurity." Fox has had on as guests both Wolf Blitzer and Glenn Beck. A CNN rep denied any boycott and blamed a scheduling conflict. Newsbusters has the story.

At least Governor Mike Huckabee's "Al Gore" moment has slipped away with the loss of the Washington vote count, what a silly boy he is, he doeasn't even realize the race for the GOP nomination is over, and McCain can win in November!

The Democrat nomination is scrutinized by Patrick Ruffini, by way of spreadsheet.

So, that is a brief, brief snapshot of the American landscape as observed from the Pig Pen.