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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alan Keyes Among Abortion Protesters Arrested at Notre Dame

Photo: Alan Keyes and Operation Rescue at Notre Dame via Beliefnet

Former Illinois U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes and 21 other protesters were arrested this morning when they refused to leave the Notre Dame campus during a protest of President Obama's upcoming commencement address there, authorities said.

Keyes and the others were arrested on trespassing charges when they refused to leave campus, a university spokesman said. All 22 were being held in the St. Joseph County Jail on misdemeanor criminal trespass charges, in lieu of $250 bond each, said St. Joseph County Sheriff's Sgt. Bill Redman.

Keyes was among a group of 26 protesters, some of them pushing baby carriages with dolls covered in fake blood, who entered the campus and were greeted by Notre Dame police, said university spokesman Dennis Brown.

The protesters had "publicized their intentions in advance," and were handed notices advising them that university policy bans protests unless they are organized by student groups and approved in advance, Brown said.

University policy is to arrest anyone who refuses to leave campus after being notified of the policy, and Keyes and other protesters who stayed were arrested about 12:15 p.m. Eastern Time, he said.

Source: Chicago Breaking News


I think it is time that lefties got a taste of their own medicine. We'll see how well they deal with their tactics being used against them (except for the violence part). There is a local group putting on a similar event in Franklin later today and I will bring you some photos of that if I can manage to be in town when it occurs.

Here are a some videos of the protesters being arrested:

From Randall Terry

And here is Alan
Keyes the previous day explaining to a representative of the clueless Notre Dame Administration about Christian Witnessing...and the utter evil represented by President barack Obama:

Part One

Part Two

This is just the beginning of a renewed awakening...