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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Morning Update on the Swine Flu Scare for 05-03-2009

Graphic: Total Infections and Deaths from the Swine Flu in the USA (the one death was from a Mexican Citizen who died in Texas this past Wednesday).

You can track the evolving situation yourself at the CDC Swine Flu page, now renamed the H1N1 page in accommodation to political correctness.

The near-constant addition of 20 cases per day leads me to suspect the data from WHO, and to ponder if we are merely measuring the ability of labs to confirm new cases, rather than the actual spread of new infections. I will have a better feel for that on May 8th...the two-week point that should see the beginning of reporting of the third generation of data reporting.

As always, I will remind you that you have more to do with protecting yourself from the Swine Flu (or any other) than all the governments of the world put together. For some simple tips, visit Conservative Thunder.