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Friday, August 28, 2009

Congressman Shuler "Town Hall" on WWNC-AM

In another effort to avoid face to face contact with constituents, Congressman Heath Shuler appeared on the radio show where he felt most safe from the mob, Take A Stand, hosted by Matt Mittan.

Here is the video of that appearance and you can watch it, and judge for yourself:


Here is the audio since the video has been removed from the WWNC Ustream Account...

I had the video embedded earlier, but WWNC-AM has removed it from their Ustream account. I should have known they'd pull something like this, and I should be kicked for trusting them to leave it up and not recording the video myself. I thought the video was very telling, especially when Shuler made faces at some of the calls or when he laughed at the caller who suggested that people don't trust their government.

Given their predilection for WWNC and Matt removing stuff, here is the first two hours of the Town Hall I have swiped them and put them on my own webpage where they can't get at it:

Hour One

Hour Two

The third hour, with reactions, has not been uploaded to the WWNC Podcast page yet.

You can download your own copy at the Take A Stand podcast page.

I think that this is part of a pattern with the Congressman. He avoided numerous opportunities to have a face to face debate with his previous opponent, even avoiding facing myself [on Sept 2, 2008] and Richard Bernier [on Sept 4, 2008] to even answer the question of debating Carl Mumpower.

He eventually did debate Mumpower, but only in the studios of WWNC-AM (which most of the Congressional district can't even hear over the air, and with a large number of people on dial up, listening over the Internet is not an option.