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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tempers Flare at Des Moines Health Care Town Hall

Learfield News captured this image of a well-paid scary conservative foot soldier of the Insurance Industry

Here are some more videos of people at Town Halls. This one was in Des Moines, Iowa and Senator Tom Harkin was the Democrat shill for Obama Care, otherwise known as HR 3200.

(Download it here or read it at Open Congress) I urge you to read it. It seems all the Democrat legislators are doing is dragging out the Administrative talking points and repeating them.

This first video is after the meeting begins. A man challenges what Senator Harkin has said, and immediately, a lefty lays hands on the man (that legally constitutes battery) and tries to shut him up. He seems surprised that other people in the audience are defending the other man's right to speak. Another lefty comes right up to the man, and sticks his fingers in the face of the man opposing Harkin and tells him to "go home". That's right. The lefty said for a man expressing his right to speak in a public meeting is told to go home.

As if that weren't enough...the Senator then says that the man was sent to the meeting to disrupt it by a national organization. The man is indignant. I would be, too. Senator Tom Harkin has been partaking of the Kool-Aid that has been dispensed by the Obama Administration and spread far and wide by the Legacy Media.

Here is the video snippet:

The only thing that kept that man from getting dragged out of that meeting was the presence of many others who agreed with him, or were at least willing to stand up for him and his Constitutional Rights. If it had been dark, I daresay that man would have suffered far more for expressing himself at the hands of Liberal Thugs.

Here are several videos of the event in sequential order, starting with one before the event and continuing through the event:

Before the Start

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I will add more videos as they become available. You get the idea. Senator Tom Harkin opposes capitalism, as evidenced by his answer to the question in the beginning of the third video.

Audio of the entire meeting is available at
Radio Iowa, and a good write up is avialable at the Radio Iowa Blog, and I have included a portion of it below that relays the question that was asked at the beginning of the third video:

"I will take some questions. Boy, it is really hot. I just apologize for that," Harkin said, just before he called upon a woman kneeling on the floor, holding a video camera in her hand.

"Senator, I was wondering why the push for a public plan, a single-payor plan, when obviously the public seems very much against it?" Heather Stancel of Earlham said.

Some in the crowd started shouting Stancel down. Harkin asked his people in the crowd to pipe down.

"Will you let her ask her question, please?" Harkin said. "I beg of you. Let's be generous and kind to one another. She has a legitimate question and I will try to answer it as best I can. Please."

"You are correct. There are a lot of people scared out there, however, it the bone of contention seems the public plan. Reform is great. Reform is excellent, however, common sense reform is important," Stancel said, concluding with this: "I think a lot of people agree that capitalism is the best way to regulate insurance companies."

Lots of applause and whistling from the crowd, the Harkin began: "Well, I'd only respond by saying capitalism, whatever that means in this broad context..."

The crowd erupted. "You don't know what it means?" one man shouted. Another yelled: "Are you socialist/communist?"

Harkin continued: "If it is the best way to regulate, then why do we spend more than any other country in the world and why are we 37th in the world in our health status? You know, that's what's happening right now. Insurance companies are overcharging. The pharmaceutical companies are overcharging."

What happened at the Town Hall in Iowa is exactly what Lefties are afraid of. They are afraid that regular Americans will get a chance to ask questions and challenge their elected representatives on a bill that will be voted upon soon. They are afraid because we are reading the bill, and know what is in it. They are afraid that we won't keep quiet as they try to force us to become a Socialist Society.

This is why they are trying to say that we are paid shills, or try to misdirect the discussion by manufacturing rage over those who exercise their right to observe the Second Amendment.

They are trying to shut down the voices of their fellow Americans.