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Friday, August 28, 2009

Watch the Discovery Launch on Mission STS-128 Live
Scheduled for 11.59 PM EDT
Updated with Videos of Launch


The Discovery has successfully launched and I have embedded videos of the launch taken from different locations at the end of the post. --

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STS-128 (ISS assembly flight 17A) is the next space shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS). It is expected to use Space Shuttle Discovery, and was planned for launch on 25 August 2009. The primary payload will be the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo, a collection of experiments for studying the physics and chemistry of microgravity. The mission is scheduled to include three spacewalks to remove and replace a materials processing experiment outside ESA's Columbus module, and to return an empty ammonia tank assembly.[2] The first launch attempt was delayed due to weather concerns including multiple weather violations in NASA's launch rules beginning over 2 hours before the scheduled launch.[3][4][5] The second launch attempt scheduled for August 26, at 1:10:22 AM EDT was called off the previous evening due to an anomaly in a fuel valve of the orbiter.[6][7][8] The next launch attempt is on Friday, August 28 on 11:59 PM EDT.


The shuttle has successfully launched and here are a
few videos of that...

And here are videos that, to me anyway, are better than the NASA-TV coverage because you get a sense of scale of the event. NASA has lost the ability to be able to visual express that over the years in their very dry technical presentations. They have forgotten what it is to dream...

Shot from a A1A Highway

This one was shot from Daytona Beach, and if you are patient, you can see the Solid Rocket Boosters separate around the 2min 20sec mark in the video

Shot from a boat in Mosquito Lagoon about 12 miles from the launch pad

And this last one was taken from Space View Park in Titusville, Florida