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Friday, August 7, 2009

Leslie Boyd steps down from the Asheville Citizen-Times
Will advocate full-time for socialized medicine

Asheville Citizen-Times reporter Leslie Boyd announced today that she's quitting her job to work full-time on advocating for health care reform through an organization she helped establish in the name of her son, who died of cancer.

Boyd's announcement comes about two weeks after local bloggers and Erika Franzi, the organizer of the Asheville Tea Party protests, called attention to Boyd's work and alleged that she'd violated the newspaper's code of ethics government reporters and their behavior when it comes to covering the news. Background is hereand here.


I had thought I would take this step in about six months, but recent events have spurred me on. Erica Franzi's posts ( I don't read Thunderpig or the others) have made me realize I can be much more effective when I'm not working as a reporter. I'm free now to debunk misinformation about the proposed health care plan and perhaps to get people talking like grownups about what we need and whether there is a better plan than the one before Congress now.

Source: AshVegas (read the complete statement there)

I have background on a previous post.