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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Roasted Paulnut...

Nearly two months ago, Paulnut Debra Medina took herself out of the running for governor of Texas when she failed to condemn the 9/11 Troofers who have been debunked at every turn when she was being given the chance of a lifetime on The Glenn Beck radio show on Feb 11, 2010.

Here is the audio of the interview captured in a You Tube video.

This is the same way Ron Paul has played footsie with the Truthers for the last few years as well, and it’s not uncommon among Paul followers. Given the fact that conservatives demanded that Barack Obama remove Van Jones for essentially saying the same thing — something Beck doesn’t hesitate to point out — shouldn’t conservatives rebuke Medina for the same thing? Beck jokes about french-kissing Rick Perry after hearing from Medina and calls him a “good-looking man” in comparison, so he’s already given his answer to the question.

I’d say that Medina’s hit the apex of her political career today.
Source: Ed Morrissey, writing at Hot Air

And Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit provided some good links (and commentary) about the self-immolation of the Medina campaign. A commenter on the ground in Texas tells us that:

Jim, here is my report from on the ground:

Medina is a Ron Pauler. She worked on Paul’s last campaign and has adopted the tactics the the Paulians did when Paul threw his hat in the presidential ring.

When polls are taken (Perry, Hutchison, Medina) her supporters (former Paulians) crash the polls by calling in time after time after time, just as they did during the presidential campaign.

She claims to have the Tx. Tea Party groups behind her, but she doesn’t.

Yeah, we knew she was a Truffer. But she had done her best to keep that little fact under wraps because she knows it won’t play well in Texas.

Good to see she lost it with Beck. Her campaign is probably now on life support, along with KBH.

I could tell she was probably a Troofer because all the Troofers supported her and were posting articles supporting her campaign on their Facebook walls and sending me messages about how good for Texas Debra Medina was. I don't think these people realize that their support for candidates is turning more people off than not. Of course, if these idiots are busy gaming polls, then they'll be doing less damage elsewhere. I'd also prefer that they donate to her campaign than donate to campaigns locally.

And if you need one more reason to be suspicious of Debra Medina, just watch this collection of four video where she appears on the Alex Jones radio show. (Alex Jones is the King of nuts):