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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Operation Hammerstrike 2010:

Photo: B2 Spirit over Franklin, NC Credit: Bobby Coggins

Earlier today, I posted a video and continued to tweet throughout the day, the progress of the military operation in western North Carolina.

Here are the videos that I have not had the chance to embed:

Here are the tweets relating to the exercise I posted in reverse chronological order:

ThunderPigVideo of a V-22 flying very low over Macon County rendering right now. Should be ready in half an hour. #hammerstrike2010
about 15 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

That was the extent of material I posted today to further the April Fool's Day Prank "Operation Hammerstrike 2010". 

None of it happened. I swiped the video from youtube, edited and repurposed it to serve the prank. I did a couple of photoshops on images I found online and married them to recent photos I took around the area for the project.

The goal of the prank was to see if i could make up a story out of whole cloth and get away with it. Maybe I have. You can judge for yourself whether i did that or not.