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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Help the BCGOP Air an Ad on WLOS:
Teens Ask Obama Questions

This is from Chad Nesbitt of the Buncombe County Republican Party:

My Fellow Republicans,
As you know, President Obama is coming to Asheville this weekend. Trust me when I tell you that his visit is not a vacation, but an expensive political statement. The BCGOP will not leave it unanswered.
Team BCGOP has produced a TV ad that we want to run on the 6:00 PM WLOS news this Saturday. This newscast will be buzzing about where Obama has been in Asheville and our ad will run right in the middle of it.
WLOS will also cover this ad as a news story which will lead right into our “Outreach Program” in the school districts.
It has 3 teens asking the President questions and then promotes our Outreach Program that begins May 6th.
We need $800.00 to run this ad and I am asking if you wouldcontribute to the expense.
Timing is of the essence as I have to give WLOS the $800.00 and the ad by noon Friday to get it on Saturday.
This ad will show Buncombe County conservatives that we are fighting for them and the future of our children.
Please look at the 30 sec. ad here:
If you can contribute any amount of funds, please contact me directly at 828-216-0147 or donate online immediately by clicking this link.
May God Bless You,
Chad Nesbitt
Buncombe County Republican Party