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Friday, July 9, 2010

An article from the Western World Politics Archives:
Revolutionary Defeatism;
the key to understanding the far left

I've discovered that a wonderful blog has been deleted from Blogger, but not from the Internet Archive. It was called Western World Politics and it was a wonderful source of information for understanding the far left. I am going to be reprinting several articles from that blog over the source of the next few months in order to preserve the information where it can be readily found. The blog and links are courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Here is a wonderful post (unaltered) from that blog that covered the concept of Revolutionary Defeatism...

Revolutionary Defeatism; the key to understanding the far left

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" - Anonymous

Ever wondered why the far left supports mass immigration, despite the fact that demographic change is a proven recipe for anarchy and civil war? (link) Ever wondered why the far left supports gay militancy, despite the fact every society in history has recognised that the heterosexual nuclear family is the basic building block of stable societies? (link) Ever wondered why far leftists support criminals human rights and a "softly softly" approach to fighting crime, despite the fact that any society that can no longer protect itself from criminals is anarchic and chaotic? (link) Why is it leftists so energetically support the notion of "separation of church and state" and other policies aimed at secularising a nation, despite the fact religious beliefs provide an moral and societal stability? (link)

Well, in order to understand all of this, one must understand the little known, but extremely important Marxist belief in "Revolutionary defeatism". Put simply, it states that anything which causes instability and/or will one day lead to societal implosion and chaos must be supported by Marxists. The reason is, Marxists hold western society is hopelessly "fascist" and "capitalist" and therefore has to be totally annihilated, even if it is a gradual process rather than an instant one. In other words, Marxists are waging asymmetric warfare on the traditional West. They support "progressive causes" not because they believe in them; they simply support them because deep down they know full well that these causes will harm the stability of the west and contribute towards its eventual implosion. In other words, leftists don't support these causes in spite of the fact they harm society, but support them because they harm society! The only thing left to do, is to wrap up the cause in flowery language like "social justice", so as to disguise their true reasons for supporting it, and to stop the lemmings from seeing what is really happening.

Reform vs Revolution

It is said that people who want to change society can be divided into one of two camps; they are either reformers or revolutionaries. To illustrate the difference, lets use an analogy; lets say there is a house we want to change. The reformer will advocate buying new furniture, changing the carpets, re-wallpapering, maybe adding an extension to the side of the house, fitting central heating etc. In other words, whilst society is essentially ok, it does need some changes of various types to restore it to maximum strength and potential.

Revolutionaries however, are different. They advocate completely demolishing the house, tearing up the foundations and building a new house completely from scratch in its place. They regard the house as being totally against what they wish to build, so they set about trying to tear it down aggressively, clearing the way to build a new house on the site of the rubble of the old. Marxists and other leftists definitely fall into this latter category.

Leftist doctrine states that white, Western, capitalist society is so intrinsically evil and corrupt, that nothing short of its total, compete and final annihilation will do. As one American writer noted, in the past Marxists used to dedicate almost as much time discussing what they would build in its place, whereas now, modern leftists are concerned simply with tearing it down, confident that a society will be built in its place which is "inevitably" better.

False Consciousness and Useful Idiots

Two concepts are important to understand when discussing revolutionary defeatism, these being "false consciousness" and "useful idiots".

An excellent example of false consciousness is Islamic fundamentalism. Leftists hold that Muslims really want to overthrow capitalism and live in a classless utopia, but their religion stops them from seeing that (opium of the masses and all that). Eventually, leftists believe that Muslims will be secularised and made into good classless utopianites. However in the mean time, they are useful shock troops against the West leftists so hate; as early as 1920, the USSR was training Muslim terrorists at training camps in Uzbekistan to attack the West. Another example of false consciousness is black nationalism. Again, Marxists hold what black nationalists really want is to overthrow capitalism and live in a classless utopia, but their dedication to their racial group interests prevents them from seeing this. Leftists hold they too will one day become classless, raceless utopianites, but in the meantime, they too are useful shock troops; this explains the USSR's support for the "Uhuru" uprisings in Africa throughout the C20th (link).

However, the examples above were examples of leftists using proxy armies to attack other people in other countries whom the leftist were opposed too. In the C21st, the proxies are being used to help tear down the societies in which the leftists are currently living! This usually takes the form of "championing" the causes of the aforementioned groups; Marxists were heavily involved in the so called "Civil Rights" movement, which was aimed not at racial equality, but at harming the stability of society. As Cohen articulated, Marxists were championing black causes because they would inevitably lead to societal breakdown, as different racial groups were pitted against each other (link).

Marxists are also heavily involved in promoting and sustaining the high levels of third world immigration into the West, which threatens to balkanise and disintegrate the West in the long run. When Enoch Powell said the West was "...building up the funeral pyre of its own destruction" he probably had no idea how accurately he was describing the leftist plans. Leftists who started mass immigration like Clement Attlee and Lyndon Johnson, and modern leftists like the various anti-deportation "charities" who are promoting the continuation of this flow, did/do so because they know it will eventually lead to societal disintegration. When leftists promote "hate crime" laws that give special protection to minority interest groups, they do so because they both know and hope it will further nudge society towards implosion and conflict. When they angrily protest that "X MUST STAY" in a deportation hearing, they are doing so because they hope and know it will push society towards implosion. They do not care about the person concerned, they simply wish to use them as another log on the funeral pyre on which they will burn the West to ashes before they rebuild it in their sick, far left image.

It is extra ordinary to think leftists can be so ruthless and cold beneath the public mask of caring about "human rights", "social justice" and "equality". They do not care about these causes, much less believe in them. They are however, excellent buzz words which to attract allies, and in particular, well meaning but hopelessly misled idealists who are "useful idiots" as Lenin once called them. The definition of a useful idiot is a person or group who support the far left despite the fact they apparently have good reason not too. For example, a Christian minister who supports the far lefts push for "social justice", despite the fact the far left hates religion. Another example is the group "Journey of Hope" (link), an organisation for people who have lost loved ones to criminal violence, and thereforeshould know better than anyone else the cost of softly softly leftist approaches to crime; yet they say that victims/victims families should show "forgiveness" and "understanding" towards the killers/rapists of their loved ones. The phrase useful idiots could have been invented for these people!

"By any means necessary"...

Anything which harms the stability of the current Western civilization is seen by leftists as a good thing, as it will help smash down the West and clear the ground for the re-building of society in the far lefts image. And I do mean anything. Indeed, the phrase "By any means necessary" is a common motto of far left groups, first attributed to the Marxist inspired leaders of the so called "Civil Rights" movement (link), and even today, it features prominently in many leftist writings, slogans and posters (link). The reason this section gets a separate, if small sub-section, is because its critical to understand leftists will and do support any cause that is ultimately harmful to societal stability, indeed, a good measure of whether or not a cause is harmful to the West is to see if leftists are supporting it. If so, you can rest assured its ultimately harmful to us. It does not have to be immediately harmful, just as long as it is ultimatelyharmful. Smoking twenty cigarettes in a day may not kill you immediately that day, but in twenty years time.....


We have seen that leftists support a number of "progressive causes", not because they believe in them, but because they know deep down they are causes which will ultimately destabilise the west and cause its implosion. Leftists dress these causes up in flowery names to attract allies and useful idiots, and also to camouflage their true intentions so as not to alarm the average man in the street as to their true end goal.

These causes are slow acting, but rest assured they are corrosive and will cause the implosion of the West if something is not done to stop it. An American writer once remarked that leftists cultural subversion could be compared to waves hitting a cliff, on which was seated a house, the house representing our society. Each individual wave may be small, but it chips away at the cliff face, eroding it slowly and surely until the cliff finally collapses and the house falls into the sea to be destroyed. Leftists have become masters of gradualism, destroying the West through small steps and various causes. Leftists know this, which is why they have changed tactics, from preaching taking the society in a single violent coup e'tat as they did in 1917, to helping a society become rotten so it withers and falls into the lap of leftists. Lenin himself once used such an analogy to describe how successful gradualism could be.

We have two options; option one is we will expose the lies and true motivation of leftists support for certain causes. This will awaken our people to roll back the damage they have done to our culture and secure our future. Leftists cloak their intentions in colourful altruistic sounding language because they truly fear being exposed for what they are; shameless opportunists, using every trick in the book to try and destroy the West. Or option two, we will shrug our shoulders at leftist cultural subversion, waiting for someone else to stop it, until we fall into the foaming sea beneath the cliff face, with anything but a guarantee that we will ever climb out again.

The Chinese have a saying; when you hunt tigers, learn about tigers, learn about their habitat, their diet, their habits and their tactics. If you do not fully know about the tiger, you are not hunting tigers, you are just walking in the woods. A Western equivalent phrase is "Know your enemy". I know mine, how they think, how they operate and what their end goal is, and the tactics they will use to try and silence and stop me. Do you? In order to defeat the far left, we need to know him, and without a grasp of the concept of revolutionary defeatism, we do not truly know our enemy; we are just walking in the woods....

This material was originally posted on October 16, 2005.

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