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Monday, July 12, 2010

From the Archives:
Nikwasi Celebration

The Nikwasi Mound in Franklin, NC had the distinction of having a Cherokee Heritage Trail Marker installed on the site in May of 2008, and I was there to observe the proceedings and some of the celebration that followed. 

Here are a couple of videos and some of the photos I took then, and a link to another local blogger who waxed eloquently on the history of the Nikwasi Mound.

I apologize for the low resolution of the video...but all I had at the time was a Kodak Z710 that shot video at QVGA resolution (320x240).

Here are the photos I took at the Nikwasi Celebration, divided into two parts:

And here are excerpts of an exhibition stickball game by the Wolftown Stickball team:

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