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Thursday, July 1, 2010

NC General Assembly
07-01-2010 Legislative Calender
Copy of 2010-11 Budget as Ratified

It's the start of a whole new fiscal year of shenanigans from the critters in the North Carolina General Assembly.

The budget for the 2010-11 Fiscal Year has been ratified by the General Assembly. Here is a copy of it:

Senate Bill 897v8 NC FY 2010-11 Budget as Ratified


Bill History
HTML Version

...and here's what they have planned for today...

9:00 AM
Judiciary I (Senate)
Electioneering at Early Voting Sites. (H748)
File Lis Pendens for Certain Erosion Actions. (H789)
Gov't Ethics and Campaign Reform Act of 2010. (H961)
Adult Day Care Criminal Record Check Process. (H1703)
Safer Streets/DNA Initiatives. (S1383)
1027 LB
9:00 AM
Judiciary II (Senate)
Ban Mobile Phone Use While Driving. (S12)
General Statutes Comm. Technical Corrections. (S1165)
Special Care Dentistry Collaboration. (H144)
Amend Conditions of Probation. (H859)
Local Delinquent Sewer Fees. (H1736)
Domestic Violence Training for Judges. (H1762)
1124 LB
9:00 AM
Rules and Operations of the Senate (Senate)
Use of 911 Funds. (H1691)
Designate Psoriasis Awareness Month. (H1115)
414 LOB
9:00 AM
Finance (House)
Collect DNA Sample on Arrest. (H1403)
Catawba Energy Efficiency/Renewable. (H1814)
Regulate Towing From Private Lots. (S1136)
Construction of Wills and Trusts. (S1176)
Local Gov't. Other Post-Employment Benefits. (S1212)
Economic Incentives Alignment & Changes. (S1215)
Expand Cabarrus County Tourism Authority. (S1357)
Kannapolis/Concord Doughnut Hole Annexations. (S1444)
544 LOB
10:00 AM
Judiciary I (House)
General Statutes Comm. Technical Corrections. (H1740)
Expand Access/Confidential Intermediaries. (H1463)
Wilmington Civil Service Rewrite. (S430)
Prohibit Medicaid Fraud/Kickbacks. (S675)
2009 Omnibus Campaign Finance Law Changes. (S716)
Enable Registers of Deeds to Protect Identity. (S900)
1228 LB
10:00 AM
Judiciary III (House)
Carolina Beach Harbor. (H2065)
1425 LB
10:00 AM
Judiciary II (House)
Health Choice Program Review Process (H382)
Nonprofit Grants/Increase Accountability. (H1852)
Winston-Salem/Council Meetings. (H2050)
Winston-Salem/Informal Bids Electronically. (H2059)
Amend Cemetery Act. (S18)
421 LOB
11:00 AM
Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources (Senate)
Clean Marinas Amendments. (H1708)
Suspension and Revocation of Fishing Licenses. (H1714)
ENR Reports Consolidation 2010. (H1802)
Coyote Controls. (H1824)
544 LOB

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