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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Macon County Commissioners Meeting
June 28, 2010 Full Video

The Macon County Commissioners meet in the Macon County Courthouse

The Macon County Commissioners met on June 28, 2010 and the meeting lasted about an hour and is in the above video. A short synopsis of the meeting follows:

The new Cooperative Extension Director, Alan Durden addresses the Macon County CommissionersAmong the items discussed was recognition of Alan Durden as the new Cooperative Extension Director and he and the commissioners discussed the importance of the services provided to the community by Cooperative Extension.

There were no citizens of Macon County present during the meeting (outside county employees, the commissioners, their staff, and four members of the press) and no one commented during the public comment period.

Darlene Asher of Macon County Transit reports on a Section 5310 Federal Transportation Administration Grant applicationA public hearing was held regarding an application for a Federal Transportation Grant by Macon County Transit. Kim Angel, the Director, had an illness in the family and could not attend, so Darlene Asher made a report to the commissioners.

The Federal Transportation Administration Section 5310 Grant Application was for a new vehicle for Macon County Transit in the amount of $41,650. A local match of $4,165 is required.

No citizens appeared before the commissioners to comment during the public hearing.

The commissioners voted to approve a resolution in favor of the grant application and provide the ten percent matching funds.

The County Manager, Jack Horton, reported on the opening bids for the K-4 School. The two lowest bids were only $1,000 apart, and WNC Paving was the low bidder.

County Manager Jack Horton (L), County Commissioner Bob Simpson (C) and County Attorney Chester Jones (R) review construction blueprints for a Town of Franklin easement requestThe Commissioners also discussed an easement requested by the Town of Franklin for their sewer project on Phillips Street. During the discussion, it was decided that it would be granted, provided the Town of Franklin waived tap fees for a water and sewer tap for the County at the old drive in theater property.

The Commissioners re-appointed Matt bullis and Gloria Thunn to the Recreation Commission for another term upon the expiration of their current terms on July 15, 2010.

The Consent Agenda was passed and the Commissioners went into a closed session with the County Attorney, Chester Jones to for the purpose of Attorney/Client Privilege.

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