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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The 14th Annual A Taste of Scotland Festival is Today!
Intermittent Tweets, Photo and Video Coverage

**4.39pm** Update Look for videos at the bottom of this post as I add them. (I'll put them together in another post, but I figured people would be interested in seeing them as I completed them).

Promo for the 14th Annual A Taste of Scotland Festival

I'll be in downtown Franklin all day for the 14th Annual A Taste of Scotland Festival, and will be uploading photos and very short video excerpts as I can find time since there is WiFi available now via several hotspots. You can follow my tweets below (I'll be using the hashtag #14atos) and you can see the photos via TwitPic or Flickr. Feel free to use the hashtag to promote your own photos/videos of the event. (Not that there are that many people on Twitter in Franklin...)

What is A Taste of Scotland? It is a festival in Franklin, NC celebrating the heritage of the Scots-Irish in Appalachia (and Scotland) with music, art, demonstrations and symposiums. There is also plenty of food to eat and arts, crafts, music and souvenirs to buy from many, many vendors. See a brief post about past festivals on my blog, or visit the website for the festival

Below is the Twitter Widget that will allow you to see tweets using the #14atos hashtag:

And below is an embedded slideshow that will display the latest photos from the festival as I upload them: (link to WPFJ webcam for live views of downtown Franklin.)

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