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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Busy Day Linkfest

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I've got over 6 hours of video from the last two budget meetings of the Macon County Commissioners to process, and I won't be able to blog or tweet as much as I usually do, so I'm going to post a few links of interesting stuff I've found that might be interesting to you while I edit video and give my laptop all the extra clock cycles it needs...

Last night, WLOS paid a visit to franklin to report on a couple of child molesters being sent away for a long, long time. I happened to see the satellite truck at the Court House while I was on my way to the County Commissioners budget meeting, and took a couple of photos and posted to TwitPic, here and here. Watch the video of Charu's report on the WLOS website. I am not sure how long the video will be archived at WLOS, so check it out now before it is gone.

Randy's Right has an interesting article about Glenn Beck selling out to Freedom Works. [Read it]

I've personally had a bad couple of run-ins with Freedom Works, mainly at the local level where their leader has no interest in coalition building. I've had reports of the same thing happening to other people who tried to organize local Tea Parties only to find that the local Freedom Works group ready to destroy them. Randy's article got me to thinking, and looking for other article and videos.

Michelle Malkin has an article entitled "In response to amnesty stooge Dick Armey" [Read it]

Here is the money quote from Dick Armey in the article:

“When I was Republican leader, I saw to it that Tom Tancredo could not get on a stage because I saw how destructive he was,” Armey said of the anti-immigration former congressman. “Republicans have to get off this goofiness.”

Roy Beck of Numbers USA has the numbers on Dick Amrey's time in Congress spent supporting amnesty. His numbers are in the bottom 10% of current Republicans. [Read it]

In other news, American Power has an article on fraud at the US Census. I'm shocked, just shocked! [Read it]

Fausta has the latest on Nancy Pelosi's strange religion of The Word. I've swiped the video and posted it below, but you can see it and read her commentary on Fausta's Blog. [Read it]

Notice how Nancy squirms uncomfortably when she tries to pretend that she is a Christian, or a follower of Christ? Those of us who are can recognize that she is lying and knows that it is wrong to do so. She is being convicted by the Holy Spirit. We should keep her in our prayers. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she came to be saved? Just think how much good she could do. Think about how screamingly mad the progressives would be at her?

Since we are on a religious note, I'll point out an article called "From Marx to Mohammed" at my favorite Counterjihad website, Gates of Vienna. [Read it]

And since we are now on the subject of Islam...I'll point you to Gateway pundit, where there is breaking news that 40 of the "peace activists" on the Gaza Terror Flotilla are members of Al-Qaeda. That figures and does not surprise me. If Lefties, Anti-War Activists and Islamic Terrorists share one thing in common, it is a hatred of Israel. [Read it]

Here is a video of President Obama's Secretary of State, the HildaBeast, condemning Israel for taking action to protect itself:

Nothing good can come of this. Nothing at all. So, I'll direct your attention to the latest installment of LOLBAMA at IMAO for some much-needed comic relief... [Read it]

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