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Monday, June 14, 2010

(VIDEO) Congressman Bob Etheridge Attacks Student
Updated with Original Videos From Two Different Angles

**2.46pm** Etheridge apologizes. Hat Tip to TBeckett
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Congressman Bob Etheridge (Democrat in the 2nd Congressional District of North Carolina) attacks a student who is attempting to film him on a sidewalk

The physical attack is bad enough, but what disturbs me most is the Congressman's assertion that he has a right to know who these students are. I wonder where that is in the US Constitution. The utter arrogance of this man is astounding. I wonder if he would have attacked someone that was older or bigger than the little kid. The answer is that he probably wouldn't have have because he would have been afraid of getting his butt stomped. 

For the story visit Big Government.

**9.24** update I've found new (actually older) video of the event...

Here is the original video taken by the student as he was being assaulted by the Congressman:

...and here is a video taken from another angle by another student...

...this is why you should always have at least two cameras running. One to record the interview and another to record the assault.

Don't ever let Lefties say that conservatives are the violent ones. They are very often the first to resort to violence and intimidation!!!

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