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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NC General Assembly
06-02-2010 Legislative Calender

It looks like the elected critters in the General Assembly will be spending another busy day spending our money, or alternatively, looking to raise our taxes and otherwise stifle freedom in North Carolina...

9:00 AM
Appropriations (House)

643 LOB
9:30 AM
Sen. P Berger
Press Room LB
10:00 AM
Public Utilities -- CANCELLED (House)
Use of 911 Funds. (H1691)
1228 LB
10:00 AM
Education/Higher Education (Senate)
Educ. Assistance for Minimum Wage Workers. (H1140)
Reorganize Schools with High Dropout Rate. (H1176)
Task Force on Sports Injuries in Schools. (S1141)
Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate. (S1246)
Early Identif. & Interv. for At-Risk Students. (S1248)
Cherokee School Board Terms. (S1264)
Amend Highlands Scholarship Fund. (S1359)
School Calendar Changes for Inclement Weather. (H636)
544 LOB
10:00 AM
Press Conference/Rep. Carney
Ref: Heart Saver Awards
Press Room LB
11:00 AM
Transportation -- CANCELLED (House)
Allow Hamlet to Operate Motorized ATVs . (H1716)
Military Service Notation/NC Drivers Licenses. (H1965)
Exempt DOT Equity Funds/GARVEE Bonds. (H1975)
1228 LB
11:00 AM
Carteret Schools May Administer Oath. (H1728)
Cherokee School Board Terms. (H1772)
Brevard Academy/Retirement Election. (H1778)
Columbus County/Fire District Support Fees. (H1856)
Delinquent Tax Deny Permits/Set Tax Discount. (H1953)
Marshville Town Manager. (H1956)
1425 LB
11:00 AM
Health Care (Senate)
Nurse Aide Training Review. (S1191)
Implement LTC Partnership Program. (S1193)
Screen and Reduce BMI Levels in Children. (S1286)
Special Care Dentistry Collaboration. (H144)
544 LOB
12:00 NOON
Agriculture -- CANCELLED (House)
Spay/Neuter Program Transfer/Funds. (H208)
Survey Ag. Water Infrastructure Needs. (H1745)
1228 LB
1:00 PM
Commerce, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship (House)
Rewrite Landscape Contractor Laws. (H1408)
Regulation of Appraisal Management Companies. (S829)
1228 LB
1:00 PM
Ways and Means/Broadband Connectivity -- CANCELLED (House)
E-NC Connectivity/Economic Development Funds. (H1752)
Increase Child Care Expenses Tax Credit. (H1951)
Caswell Internet. (H2067)
Update Long-Term Care Statutes. (H1698)
DOT Powers and Duties Changes. (H1734)
Suspension and Revocation of Fishing Licenses. (H1714)
415 LOB
1:00 PM
Finance (Senate)
No Nonvoted Local Debt For Competing System. (S1209)
Town of Pembroke Occupancy Tax. (S1298)
Allow Wheel Locks for City of Fayetteville. (S1331)
544 LOB
2:00 PM
Session Convenes (Senate)

Senate Chamber
2:00 PM
Energy and Energy Efficiency (House)
UST Operator Training Program. (H1760)
Catawba Energy Efficiency/Renewable. (H1814)
421 LOB
3:00 PM
Session Convenes (House)

House Chamber

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