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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More questions on the origins of Facebook

Facebook is Evil

I'm posting this mainly because Facebook seems to have blocked attempts for me to post a link to an article that might be construed as detrimental to Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, so I'm using my blog post as a manual re-direct to get around the Facebook block. Here is a portion of the article:

The case is the latest challenge to the origins of Facebook, which is worth $24.6 billion, according to, a marketplace for closely held firms. Facebook’s paternity was questioned in a suit by a group of Zuckerberg’s former Harvard University schoolmates, who claimed he used code developed on their ConnectU project to start Facebook. They settled in 2008.

Today’s hearing was for Arcara to consider a request by Facebook to dissolve a temporary injunction, issued by a state court judge June 30, preventing the company from transferring assets. The parties resolved the issue by agreeing to let the injunction expire July 23. Arcara extended an order staying the injunction until then, which means it will have no effect.

The parties, appearing before Arcara for the first time in the case, also provided new details of their clients’ stories in response to questions from the judge.

“Mr. Zuckerberg did have a contract with Mr. Ceglia,” Simpson said. Zuckerberg, 26, worked for Ceglia as a computer coder, she said.

Facebook claims Ceglia remained silent for more than six years and his claim is probably too old to pursue. Also, Ceglia claims his alleged contract, which refers to “The Face Book,” was signed about nine months before Facebook was founded, the company said in court papers.

Today in court, Ceglia’s attorney, Terrence Connors, produced a copy of the two-page “work for hire” contract that his client said entitles him to control of the social-networking service.

Source: Bloomberg (Go read the whole thing)
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**7.22am update**

I can now post a link to the original article on facebook. 

Here is a copy of the complaint. Read it for yourself:

Ceglia v. Zuckerberg complaint
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