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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crystal Cave of Giants
An Exploration Account

Photo Courtesy George Kourounis

The scenery in this cave resemble sets from a low budget Science Fiction movie, and the environment will kill unprotected explorers in minutes. The Temperature in the cave is 122 degrees Fahrenheit with 80 percent humidity, which translates into making the air feel like it is 228 degrees!

The cave was discovered in April 2000 by lead and silver miners. The crystals are crystallized gypsum, a substance known as Selenite, with some of the largest discovered crystals being 36 feet long and weighing 55 tons.

George Kourounis' website to read more about his adventure.

Hat Tip to Space Weather for bringing this to my attention.

I think that this discovery should demonstrate to us how much of our own planet remains unexplored and utterly unknown.

Here is a video from National Geographic about the cave:

For more information, I would suggest the following websites:

There are also many websites out there proclaiming the spiritual and healing properties of Selenite Crystals, but I am not going to link to any of that crap.