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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meeting Beween Congressman Shuler and Haywood Co Democrats Becomes Heated

Haywood County Democratic leaders unanimously passed a resolution endorsing a public option for health insurance, the single point on which they disagree with their hometown Congress-man, U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler.
During a recent meeting between Shuler and Haywood County precinct officials, the issue became heated, though neither side will officially comment on the matter.
“It was just a disagreement,” said Doug Abrahms, a spokesman for Shuler’s office. “He (the Congressman) might have been a little frustrated with trying to convey his opinion about what he thought on healthcare. He feels there is too much focus on the public option as a litmus test. There are lots of pieces in the healthcare bill and even President Obama said that is just a piece of a much bigger bill.”
Likewise, Janie Benson, chairwoman of the county’s Democratic Party, would not publicly comment on what some called an outburst by Shuler at the political party meeting held in Waynesville before Congress reconvened.
“It was a private meeting between precinct officials and party leaders,” she said. “I’m disturbed so much of that meeting is out on the street. As he went out the door, the Congressman said he agreed with everything on the healthcare survey except the single payer option.”
The resolution unanimously passed by the county’s executive committee meeting expresses support for “a public option for health insurance to ensure universal health insurance coverage.”
“Every Haywood County Democrat I have talked to totally supports a public option,” Benson said, adding she didn’t watch President Obama’s address on the topic because she was at a political party meeting. She said Shuler has likely been confronted about healthcare from many sides during his month-long travels in the district.

Source: The Mountaineer (visit the website to read the entire article)

I find it funny that Congressman Shuler claims to have held many public meetings throughout the district.

I cannot recall one the public was welcome to attend in Macon County.

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