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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Macon County Commissioners 2011 Meeting Schedule

The Board of Commissioners will hold one regular meeting a month effective January 1, 2011. They will meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.
Following is the schedule of the 2011 board meetings and the due date for agenda items. Remember any agenda item that is not received by the due date will require an oral request made to the Board at the beginning of the meeting requesting addition to the agenda included with an explanation as to why the item was not on time. Items may be submitted electronically to Be advised that the Board may review and revise this schedule at any time.
Your cooperation is appreciated and if you have questions please let me know.
2011 Meeting Date:
6 p.m.
Agenda Items Due Date:
Tuesday, January 11th
Monday, January 3rd
Tuesday, February 8th
Monday, January 31st
Tuesday, March 8th
Monday, February 28th
Tuesday, April 12th
Monday, April 4th
Tuesday, May 10th
Monday, May 2nd
Tuesday, June 14th
Monday, June 6th
Tuesday, July 12th
Friday, July 1st
Tuesday, August 9th
Monday, August 1st
Tuesday, September 13th
Friday, September 2nd
Tuesday, October 11th
Monday, October 3rd
Tuesday, November 8th
Monday, October 31st
Tuesday, December 13th
Monday, December 5th

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