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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Macon County Commissioners Meeting
12-06-2010 Full Video

Things are continuing to be ugly in the effort to slide in a steep slope ordinance "under the radar" and part of that is the continued attempt to ostracize Jimmy Goodman and all others who are supporters of private property rights in Macon County. A perfect example of that was the December 2 meeting  of the Macon County Commissioners that was requested by Lewis Penland, the Chairman of the Macon County Planning Board. Click here to watch that meeting and judge for yourself.

The full video of last night's meeting of the Macon County Commissioners for you to watch and judge for yourself:

If you are on dialup and cannot watch the video, here is an audio recording of the meeting:

If you wish to have a copy for your MP3 Player, here is a download link for that

There was no agenda nor other supporting documents for this meeting. 

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